Helping an Alien Escape The Chasers (Part Two)

9-19-2012 Journal Entry

I laid down with the intent of helping the lady that had crossed over and that was in a wheelchair, just like I promised the two females I turmoilmet while out of body the night before. I laid in bed and focused my attention on the lady as I allowed myself to relax and phase out of body. Immediately I was in a dark, reddish grey place. There was nothing I could recognize as physical except for The lady in the wheelchair that I had searched for. Their was a quick interchange of information. I gave her something and she gave me something. As soon as the interchange was done, she disappeared. I also faded out of that place and onto a side walk somewhere in reality. This new place I was in was very physical in nature and appeared to be a city. Appearing next to me a male faded in. I also felt another presence

appear but this was was invisible. The invisible being said for me to trust the man next to me and that he would be helping me. We would both be doing helper work for tonight together as partners. The type of partnership like two police officers. The invisible entity disappeared. The other man and myself only spoke with telepathy or a better description is mind to mind communication. We noticed some sort of commotion heading our way and the man mentally yelled “Run”. He started to run and I didn’t waste a moment running with him. As I looked back I noticed a group of weird looking entities running in our direction. “Great, Chasers!” What ensued was about an hour evading these chasers with my partner for

the night. There was some sort of gravity in this place so unfortunately even though I tried flying, all that I could do was jump really high. We were running through neighborhoods and jumping over houses and obstacles. We finally lost The Chasers after jumping on top of a moving train, running towards the front of it and finally jumping off a few miles away. My partner turned to me and said “Give it to me.” I said “Give you what?” He said “What we have been protecting from The Chasers.” I said “I am not aware of what it is.” He said “What you got from her.” There was an information exchange where something moved from me and went into him. He said “OK, your job here is done, go back to your body for now.” I replied “Ok, Thank you for helping me tonight.” With this I focused on my body and felt myself merge with it.

I got up and went to the bathroom then laid back down next to Roz. I phased out of body but just laid there. In comes my partner into my room and moves towards me. As he stands next to my bed I ask him ” Out of curiosity, what is it that I was carrying” He replied “The lady in the wheelchair you helped earlier was hiding and protecting something within her during her physical life.” He extended his hand and said “This is what she, you and I were protecting.” In his hand was a tiny greenish little

wet skinned alien looking creature. The little alien lifted it’s hand and sprayed itself with a tiny spray bottle. The little creature mentally thanked me. My mind began to race with all of the events that have transpired during the last few hours. In awe I merged back in with my physical body. I woke Roz up and began to tell her all that had transpired. We both talked for hours on this and also some of her own Out of Body Experiences she had just gone through tonight.

This experience left me with a lot of questions and answers concerning our interactions in the non-physical realms. I also understand now what Chasers are usually after. They might not be after aliens all the time, sometimes it might just be information. Apparently information is a very valuable commodity in all of the dimensions. Valuable enough to steal it from other entities. The universe is not just full of friendly beings that for sure.

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Helping others in an Astral Dimension (Part One)

9-18-2012 Journal Entry
Last night at an unknown time, I was in an upper dimension working as a helper. I was in what appeared to be a complex of a few blocksupperplanes long. There appeared to be thousands of people as I was going around with some others helping people. I was doing this for a few hours. It was very strange, some people needed help with problems such as math equations. Some others needed answers for physical life situations. The way that I helped them was very strange indeed. I would get in front of someone and there would be an exchange of information. Then the person would disappear from sight. Presumably, their vibration having changed and their location in reality being shifted to their new frequency. It appeared that there were people that still had physical bodies and some that have left their physical bodies permanently.

 Somehow I knew when someone was just a sleeper, someone like me who was here during sleep. I would get from one side of the complex to the other catching a ride on magnetic lines of force and on weird wind gusts. It was an awesome feeling looking down at the landscape and structures as I flew overhead. This place was a beehive of activity. Helpers criss crossing large distances as they helped others.

 Obviously after spending many hours in this dimension I am sure I can write pages and pages of all of the experiences down to the smallest of details. But I am just writing down what I think is germane to the experience. As I landed on the sidewalk and began to walk towards my next destination, I was approached by two females who appeared to be between 40 and 60. In a mixture of talking and telepathy they began to ask for help for a dear friend of theirs. They mentioned that the friend was in a wheelchair. This immediately made me remember that I was also out of body the night before and had met a person in a wheelchair. The person I had met previously appeared to be of Native American descent. I began to describe their friend and they confirmed that this was indeed her. I assured them that I would do everything in my power to release her from her personal purgatory. They understood and waved goodbye as I began to fly up in a gust of wind to my next destination. During the hours in this complex helping other people, I seemed to be attracted to the people that required the type of help that I could supply.

 The two people that approached towards the end were no different. Somehow the universe knows who needs help and who can supply this help and apparently matches the helpers the helped accordingly. Funny how while out of the body memory has strange attributes. Remembering things that you previously had not even known you had experience. I remember leaving my body at night and doing my part in helping others out of their own personal thought world’s where they may have felt trapped in. For example, the lady having spent her whole life in a wheelchair had so ingrained in her mind the pattern of existing in just a wheelchair. So now, released from her body and existing in a thought world, she stills finds herself in the wheel chair due to 80 year habit of it while still in the physical. When I leave my body tonight, I will search for this lady and show her that she can fly and be free. To show her that in the thought worlds her only restrictions are her own limiting belief systems.


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The Mandela Effect by Sage Ruiz

berentseinI’m sure you remember seeing people argue over whether it was spelt Berenstein or Berenstain, and many people remember specifically one way or the other, but what if I told you that this tiny disagreement could be tied back to a huge conspiracy theory called the Mandela Effect?

I’ll admit, I wasn’t much of a believer at first either. I’ve never been involved too deeply with any conspiracy effects other than just to learn about them. When my dad first told me about the Mandela Effect, I felt the same way about it as any other conspiracy, and to humor him I would watch videos and read articles about it, so that I could stay up to date with him, but then I saw something that really looked wrong; Febreeze, was no longer Febreeze. It read Febreze. Now I know a lot of you might be shaking your head in disbelief, but I checked, double-checked, even triple-checked the Febreeze website for any trace of the name change, or maybe an old bottle that still read Febreeze, I even had my friend send me a a picture of her own Febreeze bottle, but it was right in front of my eyes. It had never been Febreeze apparently, it had always been Febreze.

Now, I could say this led me into a spiral of madness, but it was almost like learning a new thing in school. I didn’t question it any further, I didn’t see it as a fallacy, I simply did more research into it, and the more research I did, the more it makes sense.

My grandfather is Cuban, and when Fidel Castro died, he called me on the phone and cried, because now we could see each other whenever we wanted. But he never died, he’s alive and well, and still governing the country of Cuba. He died in 2009, to the best of my recollection, but everywhere else I’ve looked claims that he is still living. I’ve even read articles about his brother Rafael taking over, but no longer in 2009 but in 2017.

Another one that really got to me, was Muhammed Ali’s death. I may not remember it nearly as vividly as Castro’s, just because that one really hit home for me, but I still remember it being a big deal. Even on my Facebook timeline I was hearing about nothing but Ali’s death. I remember watching videos and documentaries about his life, and this is the same year that Castro died, 2009. But now, no matter where you look, he died June 3rd, 2016. This year. But not even a peep about it. Why did nobody care about his death this time around? Why was it so hushed? I accidentally found out about Ali while I was looking for an article about famous dead celebrities. Granted, I expected to see him on that list, but not so recently.

Before I continue, I should probably explain what the Mandela Effect is. In theory, a physics research organization called CERN (“Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”, or European Council for Nuclear Research) has opened parallel
a portal into another dimension, and somewhere along the way, the 2 different timelines from each dimension got crossed, and that’s why some people remember things one way versus the other. People started noticing things “changing”, right around 1980’s, when Mandela died in prison. As you might have already noticed, Mandela didn’t die in prison. In this timeline. In another timeline, Mandela did die in prison, but when our timelines crossed paths, certain things passed through, including some truths, such as Castro’s and Ali’s deaths happening later than they really did. There are some smaller, less noticeable changes, like “Magic Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?” Don’t remember it that way? You’re not alone, I have yet to see someone who remembers it that way, but that’s what it says in the movie. A friend and I watched her old VHS tape of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and even then it still said “Magic Mirror”.

Or from Star Wars, “No, I am your father”, when even the actor who played Darth Vader himself even remembered it as “Luke, I am your father” Which, from a psychological standpoint, would make more sense, because as a parent trying to reinforce an idea into their child’s head, they would state their name before stating the message they are trying to share. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen people with shirts that say “Luke, I am your father”, or postcards, and even one year my friend had a Star Wars themed cake that said Luke, not No. But, again, that’s just me. There is no wrong way to remember an effect,either. Say you remember it from before the timeline collision, and you now remember a “wrong” thing in this timeline. You aren’t wrong, you just remember it from a previous timeline. Hopefully, if you were intrigued by the idea of colliding timelines, you’ll go on to do more research.

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Intelligence Aptitude Test performed on me by Multidimensional Beings

OBE Lasted Between 12 AM and 7 AM (7 Hours OBE)

An extremely interesting thing happened to me on this latest OBE.
So as I laid down to go Out of Body, I decided to just phase out and do some energy work. Things did not go as planned. The moment I went Out of Phase with my body, I was trapped, sequestered by some interdimensional beings. There were no words or thought languages as we know it. Just a Knowing, a direct Consciousness to Consciousness communication. This must have been a area of The Greater Reality near but not completely in the Non Time Space. I say this because there were no things that were three dimensional. I was surrounded by what can only be described as an audience of pure consciousnesses. In my awareness, they forced a problem and TOLD me to solve it. Yielding to there Authority, I began to solve this puzzle.

roundsquare I can not accurately describe in words what this puzzle was. It was mathematical in nature and required a desired output. I kept rearranging the pieces but my output was apparently wrong because they kept Telling me to TRY AGAIN. Mind you still in this Direct Consciousness to Consciousness communication. Not wanting to continue to participate in this Experiment, I retreated to my physical body. I got up , looked around and was thankful it was over. I closed my eyes and phased out of my physical. The second I did, they trapped me again. TRY AGAIN they said. Not seeing a way out I decided to get this over with. I spent the next few hours arranging and rearranging the puzzle until I finally solved it. As soon as I solved it and they got the result they were looking for, they discarded me to my body. As I laid there in the crystal clear solitude of my thoughts. It dawned on me. I just had an Intelligence Aptitude Test performed on me by Multidimensional Beings. Kinda like when our scientist put a chimpanzee through the round hole and square peg problem solving test.

Who were these visitors?
Are they superior beings researching our capabilities?
Why was I chosen?
There seemed to be no emotion emanating from them at all.
Very very strange

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Shapeshifting with a twist at the end

Sunday 7-14-2013

wolf1  After watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf on the Internet, I decided to lay down and enjoy an Out of Body experience with some shapeshifting included. As I was relaxing into the proper state I felt I was ready and decided to get up and out. I stood in the room feeling very strange.

 I walked outside and decided to shapeshift while OBE into a wolf. I slowly shifted and ended up on all fours. I ran towards and leaped over our fence. I began running through the hop fields that surround my house. I marveled at how I felt so normal in this new body I had shapeshifted into. The feeling of absolute power and freedom were making me drunk with happiness.

 After about an hour of running through the fields, another canine appeared and we ran together for a bit longer. I did not know who this other person/wolf was. The next thing I know I am lying in bed again and it is now morning. “Wow, totally amazing!” I wake up Roz (My girlfriend) and told her about my experience as a wolf. 

 After our morning routine she walks out through the back door and screams for me to come see something. There on our back porch steps were dog/wolf muddy paw prints leading into the house. In amazement of what this meant I followed the paw prints into the house and they lead into our bedroom. As I walked into the bedroom I was sure they would lead to my bed but instead they lead to the chair in front of my computer. That is where the trail of paw prints ended. I then realized what this meant. I thought I had shifted while out of body but had actually shifted while in the body.

 Shifting in the body is not unusual for me but what had shocked me was the fact that I thought I had done it while OBE. With this thought I told Roz I needed to take a walk/run through the fields. I began running through them as I recalled last nights adventure and contemplated who the other wolf must be. I guess I am not the only shape shifter in my neighborhood!

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Mugged While Out of Body

 astralDemon1 On 4-1-2012, around 1 AM I laid down with my girlfriend to go to sleep. I immediately felt a sense of release from my body. I rolled out and stood up. Not having planned to get out of my body I decided just to walk outside and maybe just fly around. I walked through the wall and headed towards the garden.

 As I was walking through the garden, I was knocked down to the ground. I tried to get up but was unable to. Suddenly a man got on top of me as to secure me and he began to rifle through my pockets. I had on some jeans and he checked my front and rear pockets. He didn’t say a word as he did this. I thought “what the hell is going on here. Did this man knock me down? Is he mugging me?” I decided to return to my body because this situation was creeping me out.

 I phased back into my body but found that I was still paralyzed. I thought to myself “No problem, I will just wiggle my fingers as usual. Oh oh, nothings happening.” I began to progressively get more worried as I tried everything I could to break out of the paralysis state to no avail. I began trying to get my girlfriend’s attention as she lay next to me. I tried calling to her but could only manage to get out what I perceived as gurgling sounds. I tried moving my fingers, even minutely, to get her attention. After what seemed like an eternity she began to shake me. The paralysis broke and I was able to tell her what happened. She said that she heard me making whimpering noises and that it took her a while to actually get me to wake up.


* I had been sleep deprived due to working late for the past few days. Was this why

it was so hard to break the catalepsy or did this guy do that to me?

* Why the strange behavior from this disembodied person. Was he a recently

deceased person who was doing what he would normally do before dying?

* Questions and more questions.

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The Chasers

 astral2 There are many times when I have gone out of body in astral voyages and ended up in strange astral towns or locations. In these strange towns I have for some reason been viewed as a threat. I begin to be chased by the residents of these locations. I would have to classify these experiences as nightmarish. It is kinda like regular nightmares except for the fact that you are completely conscious which makes it ten times worse.

 In the beginning of the experience, when you first arrive at these towns, it is easy to escape from any chasers. It is when the fears that they are about to get you begin to grow and mount when it gets bad. The fact that your movements such as flying or passing through objects are linked to your thoughts is what makes it difficult. As your fears grow that you may not be able to escape these chasers, you become your own worst enemy. Soon, as you are trying to fly away you will find that you begin to lose altitude and end up without the ability to fly.

 Needless to say, this compounds the problem. I am not sure if these are actual external entities apart from me or if it is just my own fears coming to life in these thought responsive realities. Just to be clear, When I say thought responsive realities, I mean a reality where the material that floats in this realm is thought responsive and can be molded quit easily by thoughts. If you think of a car, the mist coalesces into a car. Needless to say, this is like walking into your mind. Your belief systems which are composed of thoughts can easily externalize and create a custom reality. You can find angels or demons depending on what is your mental makeup. Talk about having a bad trip.

 This mental world or worlds is a place that many of us end up after death. Like some sort of purgatory where we must deal with who we are at the core. Imagine, each person lost in there own world within a larger world. I remember when I first started entering into other realities beyond the physical, there was a place that I would pass through where people were just asleep on the floor. Some of these sleepers were piled up like piles of clothing. Could these people that were sleeping be awake in another world.

 So many questions that arise with each trip out of the body. It never ceases to amaze me that Every single OBE (out of body experience), no matter how near or far you travel, teaches us something new. These thought worlds give us an opportunity to explore our deepest most inner reaches. The main consolation of going OBE while still physically alive is that you can escape the chasers by ultimately returning to your physical body. This leads to accelerated growth as opposed to being stuck in one of these realities with out being able to return to the safety of your physical body to reflect on the meaning of what has just been experienced. Now is the time. Learn as much as you can about what you are composed of mentally. We are definitely in a school for our souls. Turning around and facing the chasers, facing our fears will ultimately lead to our freedom. Enjoy and go explore reality!

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Are Bigfoots Interdimensional ?


So last night, as I was travelling through various consensus realities or what many call the Belief System Territories. I stopped at one that caught my eye.
The scene looked like it was set in the early 1800’s. There was a house on a clearing surrounded by a dense forest. There were some men that were running into the woods with riffles and knives after hearing some loud strange yells. As they left, I went towards the back of the house due to some other noises coming from there.

 What I saw next astonished me! There was a Bigfoot creature tied to a large post. He had apparently been tortured. There were large gaping knife slices on his stomach which were bleeding. Although I was invisible to the others, this creature saw me and let out a horrifying cry that chilled me to the bone. This was followed by another cry from the forest area. I realized they were communicating which each other.


The man that was there approached the Bigfoot and started to torture him again. he had a sharp knife and was poking the bottom of the creature foot. Somehow the creature got an arm loose and grabbed the man by his head. The creature squeezed and easily splattered the mans head into mush. The creature got loose and started, painfully heading to the forest as another creature came out and helped the first one by putting an arm around him.

Other Bigfoots started to come out and I was spotted by them. They began to run towards me and not wanting to find out if they could somehow hurt me, I ran. I decided to escape by leaving this reality. To my utter amazement, they followed me through the other realities. I decided the only way would be to lower my vibration to the Etheric or our here now reality. Impossibly, they lowered theres and followed. After a couple of interdimensional manuevers, I finally lost them. Making sure that I was not followed. I headed to my Physical body.



1. How were these creatures able to travel interdimensionally.
2. Is this why they are so hard to find.
3. Also during the 1800’s scene I picked up that there had been a long time feud between the Human residents and the Bigfoot residents for a long time.
4. This just opened a whole new can of worms for me.
5. There are many types of non human beings in all the dimensions but this was a scary interaction. I will need to investigate this further.

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My OBE Binaural Beat

  This post is to answer some questions I have received about the OBE Binaural Beat Audio that is located in my Products Page. This audio contains no subliminal. As far as the brainwaves, I start it off in Beta then have it gradually descend into Delta. This decent takes ten minutes and then for forty minutes it’s pure upper Delta. The last ten minutes I have it ascend back to Beta. So the first ten minutes it descends into Delta and the last ten minutes ascends back to Beta which means you will have a forty minute window for your Out of Body Experiences. beats

 Now, one of the greatest tips that I can give you is that you should focus your attention on the wavering sound which is the Phantom beat that you can only “HEAR” when both halves of the brain work in unison. The second you start to hear the phantom beat the brain begins to physically create NEW neural pathways that increase the communication between both halves of the brain and produce Whole Brain Thinking. The more you listen to this audio the more your brain will physically change, giving you the ability for not only Out of Body Experiences, but for all type of Psychic Phenomenon. To get a good handle on what the Phantom Binaural Beat sounds like, just remove one ear plug while listening to the audio and you should just hear one steady tone. When you put the earplug back in you should be able to detect the beat. I hope you enjoy this audio.

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Brainwaves and Metaphysics

 There are many tools to determine the states of consciousness a person may be in. One of those tools is an electroencephalogram or EEG for short. It measures brain activity in Hertz or frequencies (cycles per second). There are many frequency ranges but four main ones. These are called Beta, Alpha, Theta and delta.
Here are the four frequency ranges.

 The 4 Building Blocks of Consciousness from highest frequencies or brain activity to the lowest.
Beta Waves: 13-30 Hz
Alpha Waves: 8-13 Hz
Theta: 4-8 Hz
Delta: 0.5 to 4 Hz


 We generally produce all brainwave frequencies at the same time but the dominant frequency determines the Brainwave State. For example: 70 percent Beta, 10 percent Alpha, 10 percent Theta and 10 Delta will put you in a Beta Brainwave State. Research has shown that we are in different states of mind depending on which Brainwave State we are in. Each Brainwave State has its own characteristics that is unique to itself. Beta includes our normal everyday level of consciousness where we are alert and active. Of the four main Brainwave States, this one has the highest level of brain activity. As we reduce our level of brain activity, such as watching TV, relaxing or with our eyes closed, we enter an Alpha Brainwave State. If you relax further, your brain activity is reduced even more. When you begin to experience drowsiness and spontaneous Images or Dreams sequences, you have entered Theta. Reducing Your brain activity even further, you will now enter Delta. Delta or deep sleep, has been described as a mini death, it goes to the very edge of no brain activity (death).  

 Each of these Brain Wave States is a gateway to various experiences. In Beta and Alpha we have access to our normal everyday physical reality and all the abilities therein. Beta and Alpha, belong to what various sciences call consciousness (The Waking Mind). In Theta we have access to other abilities. These include, telepathy, dreams, Out of Body Experiences while entering the dream world or what Carl Jung called The Collective Unconscious, thought world(s), Telekinesis, remote viewing and any other of the psychic abilities. In the Delta Gateway, we have access to such experiences as Out of Body experiences into the Etheric Plane (a frequency range within the Space-Time Continuum) and other Planes of existence. Science calls Theta and Delta, part of the subconscious.

 You can accurately call these Brainwave States a continuum of consciousness, from greater brain activity to lesser brain activity. Just like you can tune into different radio stations (Frequencies) on a radio, you can also tune into different frequencies of The Consciousness Continuum. There are many ways to learn to control your brainwave frequencies. Some include but not limited to: rhythmic beats matching the frequency of the desired brain state, Meditation, Binaural Beat Technologies, breathing techniques, mantra chanting, visualizations and many others.

 The Holy Grail of all Metaphysical Arts is the ability to control your brainwave states at will. I will illustrate with a small story excerpted from my upcoming book.
Begin Excerpt:

 Louis heads an IT (Information Technology) Department and is at work enjoying a work related discussion with some co workers (He is in a Beta Brainwave State). During the conversation he experiences a brief flash of drowsiness (Theta burst). From past experience, he recognizes this as someone trying to reach him telepathically. He excuses himself and heads into his office. He closes the door and sits in his chair. He closes his his eyes, takes a few deep breathes and then begins to relax (He almost immediately enters the Alpha State as his brain activity drops).

 He knows he needs to enter Theta to tune into The Mental Band. This is the main method of communication between beings from all areas of Reality, both physical and nonphysical. This has been called many names through out the ages (The Collective Unconscious, The DreamScape as examples). In this relaxed (Alpha) state he searches for what he calls The Sleep Signal (The sensation of being sleepy or drowsy). He finds it and places his attention on it (Tuning in). Slowly the sleepiness begins to increase and images begin to flash spontaneously. He is entering Theta and continues to leave his attention on The Sleep Signal. As the drowsiness begins to envelop (entering into deeper Theta) him, The flashes become sequences that last longer. His head drops as he is completely enveloped in the Theta brainwave State.

 From here, he hears it clearly, a telepathic cry for help. Someone is in trouble. He “looks” in the direction of the mental cry and instantly is next to a small girl crying. He is now out of his body inside of the thought world (Still in Theta Range). “Who are you?” she asks. “I am a friend. why are you crying?”  he asks. “I was playing in my backyard and fell into the pond. I can’t swim and could not breathe. I know that I am dead because I am here in nothingness. I was told that when you die that you just go into nothingness.” She says. “Actually, you are in a section of reality that responds to your thoughts. This place is created by you and you can exit any time you want.” he says. “How do I do that?” she asks. “Well, right now you are somewhere else with your eyes closed. All you have to do is open them. Try it now.” He tells her. After a few moments of her trying to open her eyes she says “I can’t can you please help me?” He responds “OK, I will disappear for a moment but you will see me again when you wake up”.

 He focuses his attention on his physical body which is slumped in his office chair. He is now back and knows he must enter the Delta brainwave state to help the girl. He “Lets Go” further and now enters Delta. He rolls out of his physical body to enter his Etheric Body. He is now out of body in a different section of The Greater Reality. Standing next to his body, he focuses on the girl and begins to feel pulled in her direction. It almost feels as if he is falling in her direction as opposed to flying. Soon he is next to a pond. He dives in and finds her physical body. Close by, floating with her eyes closed is her Etheric Body. He begins to shake her Etheric Body as you would anyone you are trying to wake up. She opens her eyes slowly and begins to cry in gratitude as she recognizes him. Suddenly he momentarily feels his body in the office chair. He recognizes that it is calling him back for some reason. “Listen, go into your house and stay close to your parents. I will be back soon to check up on you.” He tells her. “Thank you so much. I will wait for you.” She says. He focuses on his physical body and instantly fades back into it. He quickly increases his brain activity into Beta as he stands up. Someone was knocking on his door which is what was causing his physical to alert him.

End of excerpt:

This is a brief illustration of how control over brainwaves is vital for those who are in the Metaphysical arts.

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