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These are just some of my latest daily experiences.


Even after twenty five years of going out of body, I still experienced a strong surge of fear last night as I sat up out of body. At first there was no fear, I was sitting up and looking at my girlfriend laying next to my body. As I was loo

king at her face, she opened her non physical eyes. I instantly felt that she would see my face as distorted and I yelled “don’t look at me” Immediately, Fear began to surge within me. The fear was not related to what I just said or anything I could determine. I recognized it as just the typical impending doom fear that usually manifests when I am out of my body and close to it. I decided to re enter my body to escape the fear but found myself in sleep paralysis. Nothing I did could break the paralysis and the fear turned into absolute terror. I began trying to get her attention by repeating.. “wake me up, wake me up” Eventually the words actually came out of my mouth and she shook me for like 30 seconds before the paralysis broke. Relieved I told Roz everything that happened.
There are many great experiences while out of body but I had found out long ago that it isn’t always as rosy as many books on the subject try to describe it. I must say that the good experiences definitely out weigh the bad. I Love having out of body experiences and they have changed my life forever.





Between 6 PM and 8 PM.

My body melted away as I started my RBLG technique (Rhythmic Breathing Letting Go). During this non-physical meditation, I decided to just lay there in the OBE state and just enjoy the liquid light show of the Non-Physical Internet. A multitude of thoughts, feelings and sensations of all kinds were running through my being. I felt like NEO of The Matrix Series downloading new skills and experiences directly from a huge mainframe. I felt great waves of Euphoria. I would periodically integrate back in to my physical body to touch base with the physical dimension.  I would stretch my arms and legs and could FEEL great healing energy within me. I would lay back down and reconnect with The Non-Physical Internet. After prying my self away from the connection, I got up feeling extremely powerful psychically.  This is so addictive.


1:oo AM
As I lay in bed trying to sleep I began to hear someone snoring. It took me a moment to realize it was me and that I must be asleep. I tried to float upwards but was stuck in a sleep paralyses state. I noticed movement in the room. There were people in the room with me. Four to be exact. There was three in one corner of the room and one by the corner next to me. Normally I would be freaking out that there were people in the room with me but the fears that used to plague me are long gone. The male next to me noticed that I was seeing him and he quickly left the room through the wall next to me. The three in the opposite corner noticed me too and began to stir. There was one male and two females. One female walked towards me and stopped a few feet away. She was dressed in native american like clothing. She stood at the foot of the bed and stared at me. Then she took out some sort of musical instrument, like a guitar and began to play it. The music seemed to resonate with my being. Was this some sort of healing I wondered. After a few minutes of this I reintegrated with my physical and got up. Looking around the room I half expected to see them physically. I knew they were there still. Funny how we don’t even realize we walk and live amongst others we can not see.

* Why were they all in corners?
* Why were these people there?

9-25-2011 thru 9-26-2011
weather overcast and slight showers

layed down about 11:30 pm got up at 8:15 am

So beautifull. I remained fully conscious throughout the night. I was in a state of bliss as liquid light shined and morphed into different scenes and sensations in the dark. I experimented with this liquid light. Whatever I thought of, instantly manifested in the light.  My mind was so free. Wherever, whenever and whatever I focused my attention was instantly revealed before me. Time and space was not a hindrance. Amazing was seeing different dimensions as the veils between them became translucent to me. I was also able to see thru my closed eyelids. Everything in the room seemed to be radiating a soft glow. I got up infused with this light and a sense of deep joy. ‫

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