The Early Years Journal

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This page will contain some of my Journal entries from my early years of doing OBE’s. Every week I will add a new entry from my first OBE Journal. I will start with the earliest entries to the latest. Be sure to check back every week for newer entries 🙂

Each journal entry, when studied can give valuable clues to this non-physical experience and the nature of its reality.


7/17/97  (Posted 11-4-2015)

Went to my mother’s room around 9 o’clock to meditate and practice leaving the body. I was focusing on the chakras starting with the sex chakra when after about ten minutes I was pleasantly startled with the vibrations that are usually a signpost of leaving the body. I remained within the vibrations for about a minute, then they faded. I began to relax further and they rushed in again. This time I felt the vibrations but they were accompanied by a flashing light. Again they came and went. After another five minutes of relaxing and focusing on the chakras I was hit again with the vibrations and the strobe-like flashing of light. After about a minute in the vibrations they faded again and I sat up and went downstairs ending the experiment for now. Ending time around 10 o’clock.

7/18/97 (Posted 11-7-2015)

Around two o’clock in the morning I went to bed and began focusing on the chakras. After about ten minutes I decided to try the roll out technique in getting out of the body even though I was not experiencing the vibrations or anything unusual. I tried rolling out (like rolling off the bed) and I fell to the floor. My mind felt weird when I stood up off the floor. I thought I just fell off the bed until I looked on the bed and saw my body still lying on it. Excitement ran through me as I woke up in my body. I relaxed and tried the roll out technique again. Guess what, it worked again! I started practicing going in and then rolling back out of the body. I went in and out about twenty times. On one exit I went down the stairs and out the front door. I also explored touching my physical body(which felt normal).


When getting out of the body or when out, it feels as if there is a buzzing in my head. It’s a loud buzzing and usually a lot of ideas and thoughts start to move like a whirlwind through my mind. I also see these thoughts visually in my aura like electrical sparks and streaks that are constantly in motion. From the outside it probably looks as electricity is circulating all around me in a spherical way.

The roll out technique is the best technique for me personally on leaving the body. I do not have to wait for the vibrations to come anymore, I just wait for my body to fall asleep and then I just roll out. It feels just like falling out of bed, and then I play.

7/23/97 at work (Posted 11-7-2015)

Went to break at 2:25 PM. Sat in my brother’s car and put on a brainsync tape and the goggles(flashing lights) for theta and delta frequencies. I mentally resolved to focus more awareness as I would go down into the deeper levels. I had previously been relaxing to much mentally which would cause me to fall asleep or have too little consciousness to try an OOBE. Well, I started my usual countdown. I started to relax my body and mind while focusing a little harder than usual on the numbers. I hit alpha in seconds, theta in about a minute. As I was focusing on the numbers images began to fill my awareness. In one image I was a passenger in my brother’s car while we were travelling on a highway. We hit a bump and the car went up and then as it was going down the image disappeared and I felt myself fall up out of the body. This startled me and I fell back in and into low alpha. “I love it.” I wanted to do it again so I focused in on the countdown again. I had two more of these falling up out of my body episodes. Then I opened my eyes to check the time. Fifteen minutes had elapsed and I decided to go back in to work.


Awesome, I achieved what I wanted, more awareness at deeper levels. I achieved this by focusing a little harder on the numbers while still relaxing both physically and mentally. This allowed me more awareness while out of the body. This is good because sometimes I would reach the proper state of relaxation and be to mentally relaxed to remember to attempt an exit.

9/13/97(Posted 12-23-2015)

Without a break in consciousness, after lying down, I rolled out after hitting the vibes. It felt as if I was physically rolling onto the floor but when I got up I saw my body still on the bed. I went to my mom’s room and tried to go through the door but was unable to. I decided to try to open the door and it opened easily, I reasoned that it must be a nonphysical door that I opened. I went in and tried to communicate with my mother to no avail. As I began to look around a male entity poked his head out of one of my walls. I asked him if he could show me how to do that. As I came close to him he grabbed my head and pushed my forehead to the wall. After a second, I began to feel myself start to go through the wall. I was stuck halfway through so I wiggled and forced my way through to the other side. I was covered with clumps of energy which I began to take off me. My nonphysical friend(?) explained to me that it was molecular debris from the wall. I floated down into the middle of my garden. I looked up at the night sky and was admiring the beauty of the stars when another entity appeared next to me. She looked oriental and had very large slanted black eyes. She nonverbally communicated to me that she was going to perform a vibrational tuning on me and to please lay down. I laid back, hovering above the ground. She began to make passes over my nonphysical body with her hands. My nonphysical body began to vibrate and the vibrations began to get faster. I could clearly see the stars behind her as some type of energy was tinkling out of her hands and onto me. After a couple of moments I merged back with my physical body as the vibrations gradually faded. I excitedly got up to tell my family.

9/15/97 (Posted 12-23-2015)

Around eight PM I went to my mom’s room and went into relaxation. I hit the vibes, rolled out and stood up. I looked on the bed to make sure that I was OOB. Seeing my body on the bed, I then went down the stairs and outside. I looked up and saw the moon and decided to fly to it. I began flying up and was looking over the horizon when the scenery suddenly changed. Startled, I began to lose altitude and landed on something. I had entered another dimension. Curious, I began to look around at my surroundings. I was on what appeared to be a huge branch. I was on a huge interlacing structure that resembled tree branches. This structure spanned seemingly endless in both directions horizontally. Furthermore it did not appear to be held up by anything, it was just hanging in what looked like deep space with no stars visible. The moon was still there and I decided to continue flying to it. As I began to lift off the ground someone or something communicated to me that I should land back down on a branch. As I landed back down the branches started moving accompanied by rustling noises. The floor(?) started to move me in the direction of a door. Once through the door the scenery was much different. It appeared to be some sort of interdimensional market place. There were all types of people of different shapes, sizes and colors moving around. I began to explore my surroundings totally fascinated. I was going to enter a double door when a very big security type person blocked my way. He nonverbally asked me what I was looking for. Not knowing the consequences if found to be a temporary visitor, I lied “I was looking for Jose, have you seen him?”. He replied that there was no one here by that name. I thanked apologetically and left. Something pulled at me hard and a second later I merged back into my physical body. Without moving I could hear what had called me back, it was my mom opening the bedroom door. I was going to exit again but decided that was enough for today. I let the vibrations fade and began to get up. My body was extremely stiff and took about two minutes of stretching to return to normal.