The Early Years Journal

This page will contain some of my Journal entries from my early years of doing OBE’s. Every week I will add a new entry from my first OBE Journal. I will start with the earliest entries to the latest. Be sure to check back every week for newer entries 🙂

Each journal entry, when studied can give valuable clues to this non-physical experience and the nature of its reality.



7/17/97  (Posted 11-4-2015)

Went to my mother’s room around 9 o’clock to meditate and practice leaving the body. I was focusing on the chakras starting with the sex chakra when after about ten minutes I was pleasantly startled with the vibrations that are usually a signpost of leaving the body. I remained within the vibrations for about a minute, then they faded. I began to relax further and they rushed in again. This time I felt the vibrations but they were accompanied by a flashing light. Again they came and went. After another five minutes of relaxing and focusing on the chakras I was hit again with the vibrations and the strobe-like flashing of light. After about a minute in the vibrations they faded again and I sat up and went downstairs ending the experiment for now. Ending time around 10 o’clock.


7/18/97 (Posted 11-7-2015)

Around two o’clock in the morning I went to bed and began focusing on the chakras. After about ten minutes I decided to try the roll out technique in getting out of the body even though I was not experiencing the vibrations or anything unusual. I tried rolling out (like rolling off the bed) and I fell to the floor. My mind felt weird when I stood up off the floor. I thought I just fell off the bed until I looked on the bed and saw my body still lying on it. Excitement ran through me as I woke up in my body. I relaxed and tried the roll out technique again. Guess what, it worked again! I started practicing going in and then rolling back out of the body. I went in and out about twenty times. On one exit I went down the stairs and out the front door. I also explored touching my physical body(which felt normal).


When getting out of the body or when out, it feels as if there is a buzzing in my head. It’s a loud buzzing and usually a lot of ideas and thoughts start to move like a whirlwind through my mind. I also see these thoughts visually in my aura like electrical sparks and streaks that are constantly in motion. From the outside it probably looks as electricity is circulating all around me in a spherical way.

The roll out technique is the best technique for me personally on leaving the body. I do not have to wait for the vibrations to come anymore, I just wait for my body to fall asleep and then I just roll out. It feels just like falling out of bed, and then I play.


7/23/97 at work (Posted 11-7-2015)

Went to break at 2:25 PM. Sat in my brother’s car and put on a brainsync tape and the goggles(flashing lights) for theta and delta frequencies. I mentally resolved to focus more awareness as I would go down into the deeper levels. I had previously been relaxing to much mentally which would cause me to fall asleep or have too little consciousness to try an OOBE. Well, I started my usual countdown. I started to relax my body and mind while focusing a little harder than usual on the numbers. I hit alpha in seconds, theta in about a minute. As I was focusing on the numbers images began to fill my awareness. In one image I was a passenger in my brother’s car while we were travelling on a highway. We hit a bump and the car went up and then as it was going down the image disappeared and I felt myself fall up out of the body. This startled me and I fell back in and into low alpha. “I love it.” I wanted to do it again so I focused in on the countdown again. I had two more of these falling up out of my body episodes. Then I opened my eyes to check the time. Fifteen minutes had elapsed and I decided to go back in to work.


Awesome, I achieved what I wanted, more awareness at deeper levels. I achieved this by focusing a little harder on the numbers while still relaxing both physically and mentally. This allowed me more awareness while out of the body. This is good because sometimes I would reach the proper state of relaxation and be to mentally relaxed to remember to attempt an exit.


9/13/97(Posted 12-23-2015)

Without a break in consciousness, after lying down, I rolled out after hitting the vibes. It felt as if I was physically rolling onto the floor but when I got up I saw my body still on the bed. I went to my mom’s room and tried to go through the door but was unable to. I decided to try to open the door and it opened easily, I reasoned that it must be a nonphysical door that I opened. I went in and tried to communicate with my mother to no avail. As I began to look around a male entity poked his head out of one of my walls. I asked him if he could show me how to do that. As I came close to him he grabbed my head and pushed my forehead to the wall. After a second, I began to feel myself start to go through the wall. I was stuck halfway through so I wiggled and forced my way through to the other side. I was covered with clumps of energy which I began to take off me. My nonphysical friend(?) explained to me that it was molecular debris from the wall. I floated down into the middle of my garden. I looked up at the night sky and was admiring the beauty of the stars when another entity appeared next to me. She looked oriental and had very large slanted black eyes. She nonverbally communicated to me that she was going to perform a vibrational tuning on me and to please lay down. I laid back, hovering above the ground. She began to make passes over my nonphysical body with her hands. My nonphysical body began to vibrate and the vibrations began to get faster. I could clearly see the stars behind her as some type of energy was tinkling out of her hands and onto me. After a couple of moments I merged back with my physical body as the vibrations gradually faded. I excitedly got up to tell my family.


9/15/97 (Posted 12-23-2015)

Around eight PM I went to my mom’s room and went into relaxation. I hit the vibes, rolled out and stood up. I looked on the bed to make sure that I was OOB. Seeing my body on the bed, I then went down the stairs and outside. I looked up and saw the moon and decided to fly to it. I began flying up and was looking over the horizon when the scenery suddenly changed. Startled, I began to lose altitude and landed on something. I had entered another dimension. Curious, I began to look around at my surroundings. I was on what appeared to be a huge branch. I was on a huge interlacing structure that resembled tree branches. This structure spanned seemingly endless in both directions horizontally. Furthermore it did not appear to be held up by anything, it was just hanging in what looked like deep space with no stars visible. The moon was still there and I decided to continue flying to it. As I began to lift off the ground someone or something communicated to me that I should land back down on a branch. As I landed back down the branches started moving accompanied by rustling noises. The floor(?) started to move me in the direction of a door. Once through the door the scenery was much different. It appeared to be some sort of interdimensional market place. There were all types of people of different shapes, sizes and colors moving around. I began to explore my surroundings totally fascinated. I was going to enter a double door when a very big security type person blocked my way. He nonverbally asked me what I was looking for. Not knowing the consequences if found to be a temporary visitor, I lied “I was looking for Jose, have you seen him?”. He replied that there was no one here by that name. I thanked apologetically and left. Something pulled at me hard and a second later I merged back into my physical body. Without moving I could hear what had called me back, it was my mom opening the bedroom door. I was going to exit again but decided that was enough for today. I let the vibrations fade and began to get up. My body was extremely stiff and took about two minutes of stretching to return to normal.

12/20/97 (Posted 7-08-2022)
I was doing the C.D.T. throughout the day (relaxed in a sitting position and counting from fifty to one while looking at the darkness behind my closed eyelids). Achieved very good results of mind awake/body asleep. Later at night around eight twenty, laid down and did the same technique but decided to get out of the body when in the hypnagogic. I was able to get out various times for short periods of time. I got out about seven times. The slightest thought of my body ended the OOBE but I would exteriorize myself again and again. On one I had dual vision, one from my physical body and one nonphysical body. On two occasions I kept my field of vision closed so as not to have dual vision. It gave the impression of floating in deep space. I first concentrated on going to Y so (while in darkness) I began to reach and stretch (as per Monroe). I began to feel movement in a certain direction. The speed increased with much sense of motion. Then I changed my mind and reached and stretched for L. This automatically changed my direction with the same sense of motion (in darkness). After some moments of L not appearing (probably due to the closed nonphysical vision) I decided to get back to my body. In an instant, I was back in bed. I got out a couple of more times, each lasting about twenty to  thirty seconds.

* Felt the vibrations only while in coincidence with the physical. In one instance of popping back in the body, I changed my arm positions to over my head. When I hit the vibrations they were so strong it almost hurt. I mentally screamed out in pain because I thought I had accidentally touched an electrical socket and was electrocuting myself. I realized it was just the vibes so I rolled out of the body.
* Used two methods to separate from the physical. One was grabbing the side of the bed with one arm and pulling the rest of me out. The other was by rolling side to side until enough momentum was reached then to throw myself off the bed.
* I observed my physical body every time I separated just to make sure that I was actually out of body. I continued my exploration by moving throughout the house.
* Each time that I separated it felt as if my physical body was exerting some type of magnetic pull while I was close to it. The farther away I got, the less the pull.
* Consciousness was not subnormal, it felt like normal waking consciousness with all my decision making processes intact and working normally.
* Felt extremely easy to produce the OOBE while in the hypnagogic state.

* On one of these I saw my mother and brother talking downstairs. I hugged my mother and overheard their conversation. I later confirmed their conversation. My mom also says that she felt weird sensations during their conversation (due to the hug?).

12/24/97 Between 4:00 and 5:30 PM (Posted 7-08-2022)
I see a pattern developing here. Again I did the sitting down CDT technique and then laid down for OOB practice. Once I hit the hypnagogic state it was ridiculously easy to unhook from the physical. I had about ten to fifteen exit and reentry OOBEs. Each lasting from twenty seconds to about two minutes. The OOBE is definitely achieved in the theta range commonly experienced as the hypnagogic state (with dreamlike images and dream sequences). I was trying out various ways of exiting the body. I did an exit by rocking from side to side. Others by moving in rhythmic motions from back to front in various directions. Sensations of movement can be felt so definitely in OOBEs. In about my fifth exit I experienced dual vision again so I closed my field of vision. I immediately entered that familiar blackness. I began to float up with much sense of motion then stopped and tried to see without opening my nonphysical eyes. After about ten seconds of no reaction, light started to fade in from everywhere. A parklike setting was beginning to fade into view but before it could fade in completely, I was back in the body. Apparently my excitement got the better of me. Then instead of exiting the body again I decided to play with the vibrations. I began by moving them from my head down to my toes and then back again. I did this for about one to two minutes. I had to cut my experimenting short because the phone started ringing and my brother came in to get it. He also sat on my arm which pissed me off. I came out of the hypnagogic and told him to get off my arm, which he did. I closed my eyes again and entered the hypnagogic but he sat on my arm again. I decided to come back out of it and end the experiments for now.
* The OOBE is definitely induced in the theta range.
* While in the theta range and experiencing the dream imagery, one can easily unhook from the physical.
* Again, in some of these OOBEs I experienced an attraction from the physical body that got weaker the farther I got from the physical.
* I also experienced catalepsy when I tried to move the physical, yet, the nonphysical was easy to move.

12/29 & 12/30/97 (Posted 7-08-2022)
All day yesterday I was repeating this affirmation, “I remain conscious during sleep.” I went to bed around ten thirty and needless to say, it worked. All night long until I woke up today, I remained conscious while I slept. Alpha felt like normal alpha, relaxed. Theta was full of images. Delta was a state of floating in a deep darkness with all my conscious faculties working. Delta felt exactly like the closed nonphysical vision that I experience while OOB. I felt the impression that if I would have opened my nonphysical vision right then, I would find myself about three feet above my physical body. This experiment was huge success.

12/31/97 7:00 to 7:30 PM (Posted 7-08-2022)
Sat down, went into relaxation with the countdown technique and a Brainsync delta tape. Went down through alpha, passed briefly through theta and into delta. The second I hit delta, I fell up! It felt as if I fell up about a foot, this startled me and I fell back down. This left me back in alpha. I restarted my descent. The second I hit delta again, I fell down through the chair. Again this startled me and I reentered the physical. I remained in the alpha-theta borderline for a couple of minutes.
I then laid down on a mattress that was on the floor in the same room. I relaxed lying upwards. After about thirty seconds I noticed that I was looking at the ceiling. I opened my eyes to check through which ones I was looking with. I closed them again and after about five seconds I could see the ceiling again. I was seeing through my closed eyelids! I did this for about a minute then the phone rang and I ended the experiments.

* When in theta you can disengage from the physical. When in delta you are ejected.
* I am getting better at the disengagement, soon I will begin exploring the nonphysical realities.

01/06/98 From 1:00 to 1:18 AM (Posted 7-08-2022)
I tried a new method of getting out of the body. It consists of slowing down heartbeat and respiration. I began to float up and it alarmed me, this brought me back down into the physical. I then floated back up. Feeling the pull of the physical I thought of putting some distance between my physical and me. Instantly I was in a room in what I could radar sense was an apartment. My vision was myopic but got better after concentrating on seeing my surroundings. I walked towards a window and looked outside. I looked down and could see that I was on a third floor overlooking an alley. Some three males were sneakingly passing through the alley. One had a white coat and the others were wearing dark clothing. Changing my focus I looked up and saw the moon and stars. I thought of how beautiful it would be to fly up there. At this thought I began to float up. As I began to defy gravity I mentally made a comparison of weight between my nonphysical body and my physical one. The thought of my physical body began to pull me to it. I tried to resist but I shot back into my physical body. The experiment a success I ran to the other room to write this in to my journal.
* I sensed that a young lady lived in this apartment and was asleep in another room.

1/17/98 3:30 PM on Saturday (Posted 7-08-2022)
Laid down and started countdown technique while allowing myself to fall asleep. My mind began to drift so, I began the countdown again. My body began to feel increasingly numb as I drifted down the sleep continuum. Started to have a dream sequence where I was walking outside a building. I began to get increasingly sleepy/numb in the dream. Then the dream disappeared and I lay there fully conscious in the vibrational state. I relaxed in that state until they faded away.
* Definitely, the road to the OOBE is through the sleep state.

1/19/98 7:45 PM on a Monday (Posted 7-08-2022)
I am at my grandmother’s house and decided to go OOB. I laid down on the couch and started my countdown technique. Some two minutes into my technique, my body goes numb and begins to vibrate smoothly. I am laying there allowing the vibrations to gain strength when my brother yells out “Louis let’s go!”. He startled me and the vibrations began to fade. I decided to stop, for now, the experimentation.
* I had just finished eating and was still able to induce the vibrations. I would have exited but was interrupted.
* It does not matter whether you have eaten or what body position you are in. One thing holds true, if you can
fall asleep, you can leave your body.

3/1/98 (Posted 7-08-2022)
Last night (Saturday) David and I went out partying. I did not arrive home until four thirty A.M. (Sunday). I decided to go OOB and went through a relaxation technique with exploring on my mind. I entered the “special blackness” and decided to loosen all ties with the physical. I started my spinning while remaining in the axis of my physical. Satisfied of my release, I pushed myself into flight. After some moments of flying motion I decided to “see” and instantly my vision opened up. I saw I was traveling about five feet off the ground in a straight line and passing through every object I encountered. My vision was not sharp but got better after a short focusing. I decided to float up and climbed about a hundred feet. I wanted to experiment on reaching someone and decided on K. As I focused, I began to move in a straight line towards what I thought was my destination. I passed through some telephone poles and tree tops. I felt a slight buzzing, crackling sensation as I went through the objects. As I began to pick up speed everything developed a bluish aura. As the speed reached its peak, all that I perceived was a bluish blur. Then I stopped instantly over an expressway. I did not think this was my destination so I focused on K again but I did not move. Looking down I tried to see if she was around but I could not see her. I decided to get back to my body and write this. I focused on the physical, with a quick sensation of movement I was back in.

3/15/98 Sunday 11:00 AM (Posted 7-08-2022)
I decided on a trip to visit my father. I laid down, searched for the sensation of sleep, satisfied on finding it, I started going through the countdown. Some thirty seconds into the technique my body suddenly fell asleep. It went numb all over. I was about to try a lift out technique but the sensations began to fade. I tried bringing them back but they were to weak. I got up to try to unwind and write this. I will attempt again now. 11:15 AM I repeated the same technique. Reached the body asleep state and relaxed even further. The vibrations faded but remained low and constant in the background. I began to play with the borderline state. I was completely conscious and experiencing various phenomena simultaneously. I was feeling the numbness of body asleep, the vibrations in the background and dream sequences. I let myself go/fall deeper into sleep and I began to automatically float up. This startled me and I came back down. I rolled out and started walking towards the door. I was now fully dressed and had boots on. I could hear the boots making noise as I walked towards the door. At the door, thinking I was far enough, I opened my eyes. Looking back I saw the room very clearly. Upon seeing my body I was immediately sucked back in. Undiscouraged I allowed myself to fall deeper into sleep and began floating up, one body section at a time. I floated to about three feet above my body and started concentrating on my father. Immediately I began to feel myself moving in the direction of my fathers home. I decided to open my eyes in mid-flight hoping I would remain heading to my destination. Right before I opened my eyes I thought slightly of my body. When I opened my eyes I was back in my room and over my body. Floating there I could hear the phone ringing. Seeing through the wall, I could see my mom coming towards my room. I floated down and reintegrated with the physical and told my mom to come in before she even knocked.
* When at the borderline let yourself fall and you’ll float up.
* I reached the borderline in less than five minutes on these experiments.

3/18/98 12:00 to 12:05 (Posted 7-08-2022)
Relaxed and allowed myself to drift towards sleep. Within seconds I started having what felt like a memory coming to the surface of my consciousness. It felt like a memory of a life gone by. My brother and I of that life were on a train. My stop was coming up and I could clearly see that the sign said 126th Street. We were going through an area with trees and bushes on both sides of the track. My brother wanted to get off with me but I protested and told him to go back home. The phone rang and I decided to get it ending the experience.

* I was fully conscious and simultaneously was able to hear household noises and the memory noises.
* I simultaneously experienced being in the scene and being on the bed.
* The brother in my memory of the other life was not the same brother in this one.

4/1/98 CDT (Posted 7-08-2022)
Went into deep meditation. Focused on third eye chakra, gently rotating it. Had some submersion’s into unconsciousness then entered the alpha/theta borderline with full consciousness. Remained in the borderline state for about twenty minutes enjoying and analyzing the hypnagogia.
* Each submersion into unconsciousness replenished my consciousness allowing me to remain deeper with
more awareness.

5/3/98 2:00 PM Sunday (Posted 7-08-2022)
Went into relaxation, let go, floated up and entered an unknown room. There were two people there. One was a man and the other I could not tell, I could only sense his presence. My vision was extremely out of focus but got better as I concentrated. I began walking around and was about to enter a kitchen when the unknown man came out of it. He acknowledged my presence and then walked away. I was just about to turn and fly through the door when I faded back in the body.

5/10/98 8:30 AM Sunday (Posted 7-08-2022)
I focused on the third eye chakra while allowing myself to descend into the sleep state. Almost immediately went into numbness and began to float up. I floated to about three feet above the body and tried to see but was unable too. My vision was zero, all I could see was blackness. I floated back down and allowed the numbness to fade away. I opened my physical eyes, looked around, then closed them and went back into numbness. I used the roll out method and just kept rolling in place for about five minutes. I stopped and decided to increase the numbness. Doing so, I descended through the bed then back up again. I mentally said “I want to see” then my vision opened and I saw the ceiling fan. My vision was astigmatic but operational. The phone began to ring so I tried to move but was in paralysis for about three seconds. The numbness faded and I was able to move. I ended the experiment.
* The numbness marks the release point.
* The subjective sensations are different between the numbness and the vibrations.

5/20/98 12:40 to 12:55 PM (Posted 7-08-2022)
Sitting in my car I did my favorite CDT. I entered into the theta frequency. Had long theta trains with low to mid amplitude.

5/22/98 (Posted 7-08-2022)
Did CDT various times a day yesterday and before going to sleep. Through out the night I felt I was aware in every sleep cycle. I woke up earlier and feeling better than usual. CDT’s are very essential for OOBE’s and constructive use of sleep time.

6/14/98 Began around 9:00 PM (Posted 7-08-2022)
I was lying on my back with the intent to go OOB. I established a regular breathing pattern and searched for the sensation of sleep. I could not get a strong sleep signal but I started the countdown anyway. Halfway through the countdown I was frustrated because nothing was happening. I did not have a strong enough sleep signal to follow. As I was scanning for the sleep signal it flashed before me, strong. I tried to recapture it but it was gone. I decided to lie on my stomach since I knew this always gives me a strong signal. I was right, the signal was there loud and clear. I touched it and allowed it to get stronger and engulf me. I felt the release from gravity and immediately set myself to spin. After enjoying about twenty spins I rolled off to the side of my bed and began to head for my bedroom door. As I went towards the stairs my vision was like short circuiting so I said to myself “I can see, I can see.” It cleared up immediately. I went downstairs and outside.

My mom’s birthday party was going on, nobody noticed me despite my attempts. All of the sudden my mom looked straight at me and started talking. I knew she was not consciously talking to me. Another part of her seemed to have awakened and then acknowledged my presence. I decided to fly straight up and began to rise. I floated up so high that I saw far into the horizon. As I floated upward the physical scenes began to fade into darkness and another scene faded into view. I was in a dark park like surrounding. The atmosphere was dark and heavy, it compared to being out on a very dark night. I felt the ground below me and started feeling the density of my environment. Everything felt solid, the plants, leaves and trees. I began to explore and fly around this park. “Wo, that’s strange, this place is beginning to look familiar. Wait a second I have been here before. I used to come here all the time when I was younger. This is a place I would come to often to play when I would fall asleep. I remember the thrill of climbing all these branches and the fear of falling off the trees.” My curiosity peaking I decided to explore other (higher?) regions. I began to fly upwards and this scene faded out and another faded in. I was in the middle of some branches but not the same park. There was more light in the atmosphere. I realized this was not the same place as before. These branches were more like vines, they spread out as far as I could see. I do not know if the structures were actually vines or some other substance. It got a little too strange so I decided to go back to the physical. I faded out of that place and faded into my body on the bed.
* The sleep state is the door to the out of body state.
*This is not the first time that I pass through park like or treelike structures as I begin to go into other dimensions/realities. It could be a “lower” area I pass through to get to a “higher” area.
* More questions than answers were created by this experiment.

6/27/98 8:00 PM (Posted 7-08-2022)
I have just experienced three very good OOBE’s. I was performing a CDT in my rocking chair and decided to go OOB. I got up, put on some meditation music and then laid on the bed. I entered theta and was analyzing the dream content. I decided to get up and replay the music. I was trying to get up but was cataleptic. The catalepsy broke, I got up and went to the stereo. As I was looking at it I saw a movement in the corner next to it. It was a roll of canvas I bought earlier. I reached to grab it and it grabbed me! It shocked me but I quickly calmed down realizing that it must be nonphysical. I looked at the bed and sure enough my body was still on it. Feeling a little spooked I reentered and sat up. Thinking it over I decided to reexit. I laid down, followed the sleep signal, entered theta and rolled out. “Remarkable how this second body feels just like the physical one.” I moved out of my room, into my mothers’ room and out through the wall. I floated through the tree in my front yard. As I floated through it I was afraid I would poke my eyes out with the branches. With this thought my vision dimmed considerably. I went through the branches with no problem. My unfounded fear with the branches left my vision astigmatic and dim. I said to myself “I see perfectly, I see perfectly.” My vision corrected itself and I began to fly through my neighborhood. I was flying about six feet off the ground. I mildly thought about traveling to the past when my neighborhood changed. That mild thought transported me at least five years into the past. Excited I began to explore the houses. I saw two or three house doors open and wondered if there were any undressing women I could drop in on. “What the hey, I’m invisible.” As I was pondering my next step a man came out of a backyard. I felt mischievous and decided to make my presence felt. I began to wave my hands in front of his face, no reaction. I passed my hand right through his face and he stopped immediately. He felt that! He backtracked to the backyard, picked up a small stick and began wildly swinging it through the air. I laughingly moved about ten feet away but to my surprise, he followed. This began to worry me and I decided to fly away just in case. There was something on the ground mimicking my movements. It was shapeless but continued changing form over the terrain of the floor. The man was chasing that! Somehow that was linked to me and the man was aware of that and moving in on me with the stick. I did not want to return to the physical but it seemed like the wise thing to do. I focused on the physical and felt myself fade into my body.
Still wanting to explore, I let myself fall into sleep. When my body went numb, I rolled out. To my surprise there was a female in the room. She asked what I was doing and I replied “I am getting out of my body.” I asked her if she wanted to go explore with me and she said yes. We went to my moms’ room and as I was going to go through the wall I banged into it. She asked what was wrong and I explained that my density must be high. I pushed on the wall with one hand and it began to go through with difficulty. I felt every layer of material and on the outside felt the texture of the wall. I brought my hand back through and turned to my visitor. We looked into each others eyes and began to feel an overwhelming sexual attraction. We came close and began touching each other. Something pulled me back to the physical before we got any farther. I was on the bed but out of coincidence with the physical. I looked down and saw my erect nonphysical penis. This was interesting, I was still aroused. I wondered if I should go back to my visitor but decided against it. Observing my skin, it was bubbling strangely around my thighs. I decided to reconnect and write this down. Time away during these three OOBE’s was an hour and a half.

7/2/98 7:50 AM Thursday (Posted 7-08-2022)
Last night at an unknown time, I felt the vibrations surge in. Their intensity brought me full consciousness. I rolled out and on to the floor. I stayed on my knees and looked on the bed. Lying there was my physical body. One of my arms was twitching as if though dreaming. After a couple of minutes my body began to exert a strong pull and dragged me into it. I reintegrated and got up to go to sleep in the other room.

7/12/98 C.D.T. (Posted 7-08-2022)
Sat down and began to listen to some meditation music. I searched for the sleep signal but I could not find it. I decided to start the countdown anyway. Almost at the end of the countdown the signal appeared. I began the countdown again and my descent into sleep. I remained in low alpha dipping occasionally into theta which would result in flashes of imagery. I kept this up for fifteen minutes before I ended the exercise.

7/18/98 6:45 PM Saturday (Posted 7-08-2022)
Did countdown technique and entered low amplitude theta. Sleep signal was not strong enough to go deeper. I knew my body was half asleep due to the slight body numbness. Images, conversations, noises, sensations and thoughts were running through my awareness. It felt as if I had entered some sort of mental energy stream. They were not very strong but nevertheless they were there. I tried rolling out but the theta amplitude was not strong enough. It only resulted in  small electrical-like currents to flow through me with each attempt. Unable to go deeper into sleep I decided to momentarily end the attempt.

7/25/98 4:00 PM Saturday (Posted 7-08-2022)
Did very short CDT exercise then laid down on the bed. I mentally found the sleep signal and then I let myself go. I felt my body fall asleep and tried to roll out. I was not deep enough yet. I let myself go further and sat up nonphysically. I did not have a good grip on the body asleep state and began to feel the pull of the physical. I tried to focus on L to start  movement away from the physical. I was to late. I was pulled back in and the numbness faded. The experiment lasted twenty minutes.
* Reminder to self, first do C.D.T. then go OB.

7/29/98 (Posted 7-08-2022)
Had difficulty falling asleep. Around three fifteen I fell asleep. I briefly entered the mind/awake body/asleep state, then it diminished. The numbing effect startled me because I was not expecting it. I got up for a while and read a book until three forty-five AM. I laid down and decided to visit J if I entered the state again. I focused on J and immediately found myself at a location resembling my work place. I noticed that there was a strange illumination and trying to find the light source, I looked up. There was no ceiling. All I could see was a deep darkness that seemed to stretch into infinite. I used my sense of radar to perceive what was beyond the four walls, more nothingness. I heard a continuous noise which I knew was a box tape dispenser. Following the noise I found J making boxes and using the tape dispenser. I went over to him to see what he was doing OOB. I noticed that his eyes were closed. He was performing his work duties effortlessly with his eyes closed. I reasoned to myself that he must be dreaming and decided to wake him to see if he could realize the OOBE. I began shaking him, when this did not work I began slapping him. He began mumbling and when he opened his eyes we disappeared from this location. Suddenly we were in a dark room with him lying on a bed and me over him. I began yelling at him “You are out of body, you are out of body!” He began to reconnect with his physical body. When he reconnected he became less distinct, almost transparent. There was also some sort of turbulence which I felt when he reconnected. I decided to reconnect with my physical and focused gently. I merged with the physical and turned my head to see the time. The time was four-thirty AM “but wait, I do not have a digital clock.” I opened my eyes and saw my clock, it read four-thirty AM. Somehow I was seeing a digital clock with my eyes closed. I wrote this down. Time away was forty-five minutes.

* Where was this replica work place located at?
* What was the darkness that I perceived surrounding this replica work place?
When I got to work I approached J and without disclosing anything about the experience I asked him if he had experienced anything peculiar. He said that he had trouble getting a good nights sleep. I asked him if he remembered anything and he said yes. He had a couple of dreams. In one of these dreams he was at work making some boxes. I asked him if he had awakened anytime during the night. He said that he usually would wake up several times a night to drink water or use the restroom. I asked more specifically if he had awakened in an unusual way and after a couple of moments he said, “Yes, I woke up for no apparent reason with a jump and for some reason I looked at the clock. The time was four-thirty AM.” I thanked him for the info and since he is also a person interested in the paranormal I disclosed my side of  he story. He loved it. By the way, he says he has a digital clock next to his bed.

7/30/98 (Posted 7-08-2022)
Last night at an unknown time I entered what appeared to be a restaurant. I was looking for someone to help me go into the upper dimensions. There was a male awaiting for his food. He was accompanied by a female. I overheard him telling his friend how he was excited about the food he had ordered since he had not eaten since he was physical. Feeling that he was an advance being. I approached him and asked him if he could please take me into the upper dimensions. He said that he could give me a quick tour while he waited for his food to be served. I eagerly agreed and we both went through the ceiling. We stopped above the ceiling as he was preparing me for the trip. Looking around I saw that we were in that now familiar dark dimension that resembles space but with no stars. I could see the restaurant below us and in the distance other buildings and structures fixed in the darkness. He surrounded me in a bubble and we began to move at an extremely fast rate of speed. We flew over cities, oceans and multicolored gaseous clouds. We then went right into an ocean and flew over its ocean floor. The ocean landscape was beautiful and there was a school of glowing fishes swimming nearby. We then shot up out of the ocean and hovered over its surface. The ride was over, he had to get back to his dinner. I told him “Why did you bring me here, this isn’t an upper dimension. I have been here before many times.” He looked at me then smirked sarcastically. I said “Then can you please take me to meet some more nonphysical beings?” He said “No, I have to go now. Besides I see that your physical body is calling you back.” At this point I noticed some sort of water activity a few feet away. A huge whale broke through the surface of the ocean. He went up a couple of feet then back down and under again. The whale had startled me and left me a bit nervous. I turned to my friend and said that maybe I should go back to the physical now. I thanked him and focused on the physical. I merged with the physical, reviewed the experience then decided to sleep and write this down in the morning.

8/7/98 (Posted 8/27/22)
On waking up I found myself in the perfect state for going OB. I focused hard and shot out through the wall. I then climbed up about one hundred feet. I kept flying away as far as possible. I looked down at what appeared to be Miami Beach. I went down and landed in a park. There were both physical and nonphysical people inside. There was a nonphysical man teaching another nonphysical man how to fly. I thought that was a good idea and decided to practice my flying. I flew up and made a couple of turns then flew for about a block five feet off the ground. It felt awkward flying superman style so I tried flying standing up. It felt so much better to fly this way, I had more control. I landed near Downtown Miami and was just walking around marveling at the crispness of my vision. Everyone and everything looked so clear and bright. I began walking in a straight line through buildings until I came upon a house. I went inside and saw a woman brushing her teeth. She appeared to have seen me and began walking towards me. I kept walking through her rooms thinking she could not see me. She came close and said ” Get out quick , he’s coming”. As I was leaving her house through the front door I turned around wondering if she could actually see me. She said ” Don’t worry , I know, I can see you.” At first I thought that she was just a clairvoyant physical woman, I was wrong. I bumped into someone in the front yard, he was heading inside. He looked at me suspiciously as I quickly flew away. I heard a woman scream and a man yelling from the direction I just left. I wondered if he was hitting her. I flew over a high school and I wondered if I should go down into the ladies room for a little voyeurism. I thought twice about it after spotting some nonphysical people observing me. I flew up and out over the
neighborhood and spotted two sexily dressed ladies (yes, I was feeling a little aroused). I flew down and touched one of their behinds. She turned around and looked straight at me! “Damn, I can’t tell the physical people from the nonphysical ones”. I flew away embarrassed. I was flying low over a parking lot next to a building when two police-like people jumped out of a car and tried to grab me. This startled me and I began to lose altitude. I then landed on a rooftop. One of them was trying to climb up when the other yelled ” Wait, that’s not him. Watch out , the other one might be around”. A door opened up next the the one trying to climb up as another man came out and grabbed him. They began fighting and I decided this was enough for one trip. I focused on the physical, merged with the physical and went for my journal.

* When slightly out of phase with the physical dimension, it can get a little confusing knowing which people are physical and which ones are not.

8/10/98 From 1 to 2:30 PM (Posted 8/27/22)
A recurring theme in my personal OB experimentation is losing the ability to feel sleepy. This of course began to pose a problem, both in my sleeping patterns and my OB experimentation. I would try to sleep but not feeling sleepy I would lay there fully conscious and getting restless. I would finally sleep an hour or two. This would cause me not to recharge completely. Also as I would lay there trying to go OB, there would be no signal for me to follow. Through experimentation (and self preservation) I learned to just lay there and begin to “let go” of the
physical. As I would “let go” the familiar imagery would flash through my awareness. The imagery would not encompass my consciousness, almost like seeing it from an external view. The same with all the other signposts of going OB. The vibes and the numbing were there but just did not seem as mind blowing as before. Apparently I was/am more conscious at deeper levels and these superficial sensations do not seem as
overwhelming as before. The pattern now was of going from awake to asleep without losing consciousness.

Here then is tonights OBE:
I laid there “letting go” of the physical . A solitary image flashed through me as I began to pay attention the the numbness. Briefly cataleptic, I could not move physically or nonphysically. This quickly passed. I rolled of the bed several times but kept getting pulled back in. I then walked towards the wall but was unable to walk through it. I then walked out the room through the door, went down the stairs and outside. My mom was outside checking if the cars were closed. I tried to communicate with her but was unable to. There was also some people walking by. I flew up and over the fence. I began flying down the street superman style but remembered that it felt better to fly in a standing position. I changed positions as I flew. I was wondering where to go when I decided to try to reach LG. I concentrated and my direction changed slightly. I was
moving about twenty to thirty MPH. After about half an hour I decided to land and enjoy the sights as I would walk there. I landed on a street in a neighborhood near Kendall. There was someone walking towards me. He was about six feet and overweight. Unable to determine if he was physical or nonphysical I continued walking cautiously. The man ignored me until he got about five feet away. He then rushed towards me and
was trying to subdue me. This demented individual had sex on his mind! As I was struggling with him another shorter man came from nowhere and began fighting my assailant. Once free, I flew up and away from the fight. I then landed in a parking lot of a mall. Walking through the parking lot I saw a ladder leading up to what I thought was a roof. Once on top I see that it is not a roof but a sign.Since I was behind the sign the letters were backwards but when I deciphered them it read Burdines. I then climbed back down. I was going to continue towards LG’s house when a strong signal from the body got me by surprise and pulled me back in. Once back I decided to write this in my journal. Time away an hour and a half.
* When out of body and slightly out of phase with earth, you perceive both physical and nonphysical people. Sometimes it also gets difficult but not impossible to pass through some objects. When this happens you can either go around the object or force your way through it.
* The pull of the body is so unmistakable. It feels like a momentary dimming of your OB surroundings as your bodies sensations are felt. This can be ignored until it can not, at which point you will fade into your body almost instantly.

8/21/98 Two to Three minutes at work (break). (Posted 8/27/22)
Sat down, closed eyes, started focusing on my third eye chakra. Visual light discharges were perceived. As I gently focused on the chakra my nonphysical vision opened up. I was observing the activities of the people working on the first floor. I noticed REM during this opening of nonphysical vision.
*When focusing on physical reality, physical reality is perceived.
*When focusing on nonphysical reality, nonphysical reality is perceived.
*This shift in awareness is perceived as a gradual fading out of one reality into another.

8/28/98 from 7:20 to 7:30 PM (Posted 8/27/22)
Laid down, focused attention and relaxed. Began to see some stars and a sky and reached for it. The vibrations hit me so hard that it felt as if my teeth would shatter. Startled out of the vibes my body remained numb. The phone rang, it was a friend.

9/4/98 3:30 AM (Posted 8/27/22)
Thinking it over, I decided not to visit anyone in particular. The plan was to go OB and learn something more about movement control. I laid down and waited for sleep. After a while I decided to get out even though I was not feeling anything unusual. There was no imagery, vibrations or numbness. It took several attempts to separate completely from the physical. In my attempts, I partially separated twice and on the third managed to roll completely off the bed. I flew straight up and out of my home. I continued flying over the neighborhood. I then landed and began to practice on movement. I started focusing on a far away object to see if I could move towards it by thought alone. As I focused I moved a little in that direction. I was trying to learn movement by focusing on a destination. After a couple of good movements I felt I had the beginning of a good grip on this type of movement. I began focusing on various destinations and moved to each one. Then tightening my control I began focusing two to three feet away then moving to it. I did these short hops a couple of times then was pulled back to my body. I opened my physical eyes trying to determine what brought me back but nothing was apparent. I made a mental note to write this down in the morning then turned on my side and slept.
*Throughout this OBE my physical body kept intermittently signalling and pulling on me. I would ease the pull by controlling my physical body through the return signal. When the signal would appear I would extend the OBE by sending my own message through the signal to my physical body. I would make my physical body take a deep breath and allow it to go deeper into sleep. This was accomplished while not leaving my OB environment.
*The initiation of movement through focusing on a destination is (at least on my part) a learned process. I gently focus on a destination until I begin to feel a pull in a direction. When I feel the pull at let go from where I am at and allow the pull to draw me towards it. If I stop the focusing in mid flight, the pull vanishes. The movement feels like a smooth gliding towards the destination. All obstacles pose no problem as you pass right through them. I now have this method of movement firmly established in my mind and will begin to use it more frequently.

9/5/98 From 10:55 to 11:25 AM (Posted 8/27/22)
Again I decided to make this a growth oriented OBE. I laid on my back then after a couple of moments I turned on my stomach. I let myself go. I do a short focusing to put distance between me and my physical body and I fade onto a parking lot. It appears to be nighttime and I see that I am in the parking lot of some sort of hospital. I perceive a signal coming from inside, about the third floor. With inner knowing I see that the
signal is coming from an older woman who gives me the impression of being a motherly figure. I decide to follow the signal using my recently fine tuned focusing technique. As I focus on the signal I begin to move towards the building. I pass through a couple of cars then enter the building through a glass door. The cars posed no problem but I felt some resistance as I passed through the glass door. I continued focusing as I
headed towards a closing elevator then through the closed doors. Once inside I stopped focusing because my attention was drawn to a new fact. Inside there was one physical person and about ten nonphysical people. Some nonphysical people were just sitting around and others talking to each other. I got the impression from some of them that they were bored and just hanging around observing the physical people who’s side they had left. As the elevator door opened and the physical lady was getting off I decided to get off also and explore. I entered what appeared to be a library/waiting area. There were many physical people here, either sitting in groups or just standing. One walked right through me and I noticed that he reacted to my presence. I then walked over to a table and was listening to the conversation the people were having. I saw a pen on the table and decided to see if I could affect it telekinetically. As I pointed my right hand to it and focused, it gave an abrupt jerk! Excited I tried it again and began moving the pen all over the table. The people at the table got up and away from the table, shocked. I decided to see what other abilities I had available to me. I walked up close to a woman and whispered in her ear to move in a certain direction,she did! She gave no indication of having heard me but moved anyway. Curious I reached down and touched her on her groin area. She definitely felt that! I then looked around for a more attractive female. She was in a conversation with two other people as I began to whisper in her ear. She excused herself from the conversation…..
At this point I will have to stop quoting this journal entry due to some graphic content. Suffice it to say that it is possible at times to manipulate physical objects or to be felt by a physical person while one is nonphysical.

9/9/98 Nighttime (Posted 8/27/22)
Lately, as I have intensified my quest for OB mastery, one thing is becoming more and more apparent. A change in direction is taking place within my awareness. Now, instead of going OB through the sleep state, I go from awake/alert in the body to awake/alert out of the body. I am actually feeling more awake in and out of the body. With each exercise and OBE, I am becoming more awake. I can also tell the state of my conscious energy. This gives me the ability to adjust and modulate this energy output. To shift from one state of awareness and focus to another. As I begin to focus my consciousness on nonphysical sensations and perceptions, my physical sensations and perceptions begin to fade. As the physical sensations fade further, the nonphysical perceptions increase. When total attention is on nonphysical perception, I am in my energy

9/11/98 (Posted 8/27/22)
What I am going through now is an intense training on consciously controlling these shifts of attention. I am
gradually learning to fully consciously shift my attention to nonphysical reality. It is a gradual fading of physical
perceptions as nonphysical perceptions fade in.

9/14/98 (Posted 8/27/22)
This morning between eight to eight-thirty I found myself flying over some streets. I became fully conscious and closed my eyes to see the effect. That now familiar blackness was all that I could see. In the darkness I began to float down until I touched a surface. I began telling myself “I can see, I can see”, nothing happened. It was still dark when I explored the surface with my sense of touch. It felt solid and rough. I took a chance and forced my eyes open. I was touching an asphalt road in what appeared to be a mexican looking city. I ecstatically flew up into the air enjoying my sense of sight. I looked out into the horizon and saw a cruise ship. As I focused, I flew towards it. I landed next to a pool on the ship. There was a man on a lounge chair smoking a cigar (I sensed that he was wealthy). A lady came over to serve him a drink when she accidentally knocked over a small table which was next to him. A large diamond that was resting on the table fell into the pool. When I saw the diamond, an uncontrollable urge to have it came over me. I plunged into the pool, grabbed the diamond and climbed back out. I jumped over the railing of the boat. As I was falling, I momentarily closed my eyes and saw the darkness as before. When I reopened them I was in the water. I saw a small boat and began swimming towards it. I noticed I was not the only one swimming towards it, there was someone else. Both him and I got up over the side of the boat. When I looked, I saw three beautiful women on the boat which gave me an intense feeling of deja vu. Instantly I knew this other man was a previous me and I knew what would happen next. I turned to the other me and told him to get ready to jump that these were not actually women. They were witches and would attack us in a moment. They began to change form and we both jumped over the side of the boat. As we were swimming away the boat burst into flames as the witches jumped in after us. We came ashore onto someones backyard and ran towards the home. There was a lady in the house which we saw through an open door. I screamed to her “please help, us there are witches after us.” We ran inside only to find that we were trapped. This was the witches house. I ran outside and began to fly up but somehow began to be drawn back by them. I did not see the other me there and hoped that he got away. As they began to tie me down I decided to return to my physical body. I focused intently then faded into it on the bed. At least I can always return to the body when I am in over my head.

9/14/98 Between 7:50 to 8:30 PM (Posted 8/27/22)
I laid down on my back and allowed my body to relax. When my breathing normalized I began focusing on my third eye chakra. I saw fleeting glimpses of imagery. I then entered a long dream sequence. I dreamed that I was a passenger in a car full of my family members. I began telling them that I had just gone OB when I awoke. the dream disappeared and all that remained was darkness. As I looked into the darkness, a stream
of multicolored dots were coming towards me. after about a minute I ended the experiment.

9/30/98 From 12:05 to 1:00 AM (Posted 8/27/22)
Used developing new method of getting OB. There were two female spirits in the room as I rolled out. Both were somehow familiar to me. I seemed to remember one of their names. “Your Viviana and I can’t seem to remember your name.” The one whose name I could not remember seemed to get her feelings hurt by my not remembering. “My name is ……….” “Oh that’s right, I’m sorry.” We went to another room and sat down. I remembered having some sort of deep relationship with the one whose name I could not remember as we sat and cuddled. I embarrassingly asked for her name again trying to commit it to memory but still was unable to. My physical body pulled me back and I was instantly in the body again. I relaxed and let myself float out again. As I was going to go rejoin the girls in the other room I noticed movement on the bed. There were three entities that resembled the classic sheet ghost hovering over the bed. They looked like three heavy brown cloth sheets. They began to make terrifying motions towards me! Totally afraid I tried calling the girls but only the one whose name I remembered. “Vivian help me! Girls I’m over here!” No help came. I raised my hands and focused as I said “Begone! Begone!” They shrank back and disappeared. I Walked through the house then opened the front door and went outside. “Must have been the doors counterpart I opened, oh well as long as I’m outside.” Looking around and then up I spotted the moon and decided to visit it. I focused on it, immediately and effortlessly I began to float up in a straight line towards it. Around two hundred feet up I looked down at some buildings, this stopped my forward motion and I began to float down. “Wow, the slightest lack of focus halts my motion towards my destination.” I refocus on the moon and restart my upward motion. This time it was not so smooth. My motion towards the moon was now in short bursts directly correlated with my focus. I kept being distracted by the scenery below as I flew over Miami. “Hmmm, let’s see what’s down there.” I floated down. “Man, I’m so awake. There is no way that I can forget any of this.” I land down in the middle of a street. I begin walking and observing my surroundings. “Hey, I know where I’m at. I used to live around this neighborhood.” I jump into the air and fly a couple of blocks away. I pass through some trees as I land on another street. “This area is little dark and scary.” I am walking through a backyard when I see two teenagers running pass me as if though something is chasing them. Just in case, I fly up to higher ground ( a building top). “No, no, not yet!” My body pulled on me slightly, I resisted. This left me nervous and I shot up into the air to explore further. After a couple of more blocks I floated towards an apartment complex and began hovering around the third floor. I began looking curiously into various windows. ” I’ll explore the rooftop.” Just as I began to float up I heard a commotion and I decided to investigate. I hovered next to the window where the noise was coming from and looked inside. A lady was
yelling and nagging a man about not doing his chores. Upset he got up and walked out of the apartment. Once outside he started pacing and then looked in my direction. As he stared at me I floated down and stood next to him. “Are you psychic? How come you can see me?” He replied “I have been called a psychic before.” He then shook my hand. A lady was passing by and looked at him a little weird for talking to himself. “Well, it’s been nice meeting you.” I then turned and flew away. As I was flying over the neighborhood when I noticed a group of people underneath a tree playing some sort of board game. It was four nonphysical females and my sex urge was beginning to rise. There was three of average build and one slightly overweight. They all appeared to be in their late teens or early twenties. Trying to break the ice I jokingly asked “Well, can anyone point me towards New York?” “Over there.” one points. “Would any of you like to come with me?” They all said no. Unable to resist the sex urge I reached over and squeezed one of the girls breast. She did not seem to react negatively so I moved closer and grabbed both of her breasts while standing behind her. My physical body began to call. I tried to resist it but it only grew stronger. Yielding to the signal I let go and was immediately back in my room but out of coincidence with the physical. I review the experience then reemerged with the physical. Time away was fifty minutes.

10/4/98 From 4 to 5 PM (Posted 8/27/22)
Relaxed my body in general. I then searched for tension spots and relaxed those. Once completely relaxed, I begin to “let go”. My body goes numb as I enter the disassociation stage. I remain in the numbing, humming vibrational state until the phone rings. I reemerge then getup to get the number, wrong number. Time from beginning to end of this exercise is one hour.

10/5/98 (Posted 8/27/22)
This OBE what a bit strange. I laid down with the intent to explore a nonphysical environment. I began to relax my physical body, once relaxed I “let go”. When I entered the numbness I floated up. Looking around I found myself in a house or building. The environment was slowly shifting shapes. This woman came over towards me and it took me a second to recognize her. It was BC’s mother, she looked a little different but it was her. Right behind her B was coming towards us. Totally confused to there appearance here (where ever here was), I wondered if maybe I was creating this entire scene. I decided to return to the physical. A slight focus and I was back in the physical. As I lay in the numbness of mind awake/body asleep, I pondered on this experience then I completely merged with the physical.
* Did I create them or were they actually there?
* I have not seen these two for years so I do not know if they are alive or dead?
* The matter there was slowly moving. It almost appeared as if the matter were fluid and slowly shifting shape into different objects.
* More exploration is needed.

10/10/98 Between 7:45 & 8:20 PM (Miami, Fla.) (Posted 10/9/22)

Laid down and relaxed my body. Then relaxed two major tension spots, my groin area and the inside of my head (two to three inches behind the eyes). I then turned my attention away from any physical inputs and onto the blackness in front of me. As I focused my attention on the darkness my nonphysical perception began to gradually fade in. I felt the precise moment I phased into the nonphysical environment. What
happened next was a surprise and I did not know how to handle the situation. In the familiar darkness I could not feel my nonphysical body. I felt as if I was consciousness without form. This was strange and I tried to go through my usual routine of rolling out of the body but there was nothing to roll out. I had no body, physical or nonphysical. As I tried to roll out I simultaneously created a thought body that went through the motions but I was not in it. I gave up as I realized this new condition. I was just consciousness floating in darkness with no Out of Body Journal body. Feeling awkward, I phased back in the physical to think it over.

3/19/00 from 10:10am to 10:20am(Washington state) (Posted 10/9/22)
Laid down and searched for the sleep signal. I found it and gently focused my attention on it. The sleep signals power/strength slowly increased. The sleep signal felt nice and strong so I decided to swing nonphysically to see if there was any motion , there was! I then rolled out and stood up. I was in blackness. I opened my nonphysical eyes and saw it was broad daylight . I was in some sort of parking lot with park-like
setting to one side . A toddler came towards me and began to run around me, not letting me advance. Rationalizing that I was oob (out of body) and that this oob child would not be hurt , I picked up the child and flung him/her forty feet away. The child landed on a grassy area. I flew up about fifteen feet and saw that I was indeed in what appeared to be the parking lot of a supermarket. To my surprise, an empty toy box flew into me and began to repeatedly push me. Falling towards the floor due to the distraction, I grabbed the box and flung it away. I tried to imagine it burning as it fell. Well it landed some distance from me but it did not burn. I flew to the other side of the parking lot while I wondered what to do next. I decided to practice my flying and began running towards a fence. I jumped up to try to fly over it but chickened out. Decided to float straight up to circumvent my fear of landing on the fence or falling on my face. I went up about twenty feet and saw a building in the distance. I tried flying upwards and backwards. Suddenly, I began shooting backwards at an enormous speed. “Wow, how cool !! What happens if I just keep flying backwards like this?” Still looking at the building I saw how it kept getting farther and smaller the further up I flew. I now saw the whole city with the building in the center. I saw as the city became smaller and now I could see the whole state. As I passed through the clouds I saw the land become a globe. I passed through something that appeared like leaves and branch-like structures and then blackness. I got worried and halted my super flying speed. “Wow , this is the first time that I have so easily and so far up. The weird jungle place I passed before entering the darkness was familiar. It appears that I am not in physical outer space but have actually entered a void.” Worried about getting back I began to fly a little in the same direction from which I just came. Not seeing anything as I flew I decided to return to the physical.
I focused on my body and felt my bed fade in under me. I opened my eyes and confirmed I was indeed back home.
* Excited about my form and ease of travel.
* Flying backwards seems to help with my long distance flying.
* I had noticed sometime ago that while entering a different reality I would sometimes pass through treelike structures.
* It appears I ended up in the void.

Monday 7/24/00 from 11:10 to 11:45 am (Posted 10/9/22)
Meditating in the car. First thing to mention is that by no means did it feel as if I were meditating for thirty five minutes. I lost my sense of time or at least it warped a bit. After some focusing, I began to see that familiar blackness. I would momentarily cease to perceive physical input and only see nonphysical input. I could only perceive the blackness. There were also experiential segments but my attention was not totally on them. I was almost totally in the blackness. More practice is needed.

Wednesday 8/2/00 from 11:00 am to 11:20 am (Posted 10/9/22)
Counted backwards with breathe from fifty to one. I then did various countdowns while focusing on my third
eye. I visualized a sphere rotating gently clockwise. I achieved a profound state of physical relaxation and
mental clarity. Felt upper right arm tricep muscle twitch with a release of a tension spot. Got up and stretched
, felt as if I just came out of a coma. Time elapsed: twenty minutes.

Thursday 8/3/00 12:00pm to 12:30pm (Posted 10/9/22)
Counted from fifty to one with breathe and then just concentrated on a focal point. My mind got progressively clearer and I then entered the “state”(extremely relaxed, mentally sharp and clear). In the “state” something caught my attention. There was background noise, like static one hears by putting on a TV channel with nothing but snow. Curiously, I observed the static and slowly came to realize that it was actually a multitude of images, conversations, sensations, emotions, sounds, feelings, and pretty much any types of information phenomenon. As I observed this cacophony of information and realized something. I realized that much of it was flows of information going back and forth between the many parts that make up me. Some of these flows almost appeared like beams of light interconnecting and crisscrossing each other. They were forming some sort of grid. Within theses beams of light I could see/feel the flow of information. Simultaneously my body
was feeling increasingly heavy. When I would feel my breathing pattern become erratic I would jump start it again into a rhythm. After observing the static phenomenon for a while and enjoying moments of what felt like emotional bliss, I opened my eyes. I stretched out to reconnect completely. My body felt extremely relaxed and my mind felt very alert. Time elapsed was thirty minutes.

* While “listening” to each information beam, the impressions from near to far were given by the intensity level of each info beam. It gave the impression of a strata of intensities.

Thursday 8/3/00 5:30pm to 7:00pm (Posted 10/9/22)
Fell asleep then awoke with a start. Only remember vague images of floating in darkness. Feels like I clicked out. Time elapsed one and a half hours.

Saturday 8/4/00 start time 12:25 (Posted 10/9/22)
I had lain down on my back and counted backwards from fifty to one. Then my second countdown was from thirty to one. I then placed my intent on floating up or rolling out as I let my self fall asleep. I felt ready and rolled out. My vision was blurry and I was off balance. I looked towards the bed and it appeared that my physical body was just lying there. As I looked at my body it suddenly drew me back. I opened my eyes and I was back in bed. I closed my eyes then rolled out again and headed for the door. I seemed to be in some parallel house or a self creation. I was stopped by an obstruction (sensed it was a female) in front of a window. I saw my father outside. I wanted to run out and give him a big hug. I told the person obstructing me “I’m going out there” and pushed by. Everything turned black and I found myself back in bed. I rolled out again into the same room and ran down the corridor to try to get to the back door. I began floating there. I reached the door and began unlocking a latch lock and a chain lock. Through out all these episodes the house was dark but I could still see. ” How can I be touching these locks unless they are nonphysical too.!” Once outside I saw a doberman dog quickly approach me. Kinda scared, I tried whistling to him but no sound came out. As he came closer I realized this was Cash. An old dog of my father and stepmother. I walked across the backyard with Cash trailing when another short dark object started coming towards me. It was Credit, another of the dogs. Both of the dogs had crossed over. Everything faded black and I faded back onto my bed. I rolled out again. This time I was going to exit through the wall. Unable to pass through the wall I tried going through the window. As I pushed my hands through the screen it began to tear. Confused as to why I could touch everything and as to the darkness of my environment, I began to feel fear. This fear rapidly turned into terror. Jumping back into my physical body on the bed, I tried to get up. I was unable to get up because I was in the cataleptic state which only compounded my feelings of terror. I tried to alert Elana (my wife) but I wasn’t able to use my vocal chords correctly, only a really low, gurgly noise was coming out. I could hear myself mentally calling her , but nothing would come out. The cataleptic state broke and I screamed out her name: “What’s wrong, honey? I was calling for you. Why didn’t you answer?” “You weren’t saying anything.” she said. I got up to write in my journal, leaving my frustrated wife a bit upset. Where was i? Was all this fabricated by me in a thought responsive environment? It did feel as though I was in a self created environment. While in the backyard I had also yelled out: “Clarity now!” As per suggested in a book I read. Nothing happened ,but I believe it was because I was already hyper-alert. As I think back throughout the experience I was receiving other details and perceptions. I had felt
that the entire scene and location were somehow floating in a deep sea of dark emptiness. Was this ‘place’ in what Monroe called a ‘focus level’. It feels as though I had entered the void and this scene was created for me by my total self. Could have been. Who knows?
* While in the backyard with the dogs, as I began to fade out I set myself to spin. I spun around for what seemed at least ten spins before fading onto the bed and my physical.

8/14/00 12:01am to 12:43am (Posted 10/9/22)
After waking up to go to the bathroom , I felt relaxed enough to go OOB. Laid down ( no technique ) and allowed myself to fall asleep then rolled out once I passed the borderline. I got up and walked toward the wall. Unable to totally pass through it, I went through the window instead. I floated onto the lawn deciding what to do next. First things first, “Let me put some distance between me and my physical body.” I took a couple of steps then flew off the ground superman style. I flew a couple of blocks ahead then back down to think about what I should do. “I’ll try to pass through the treelike structures of the in-between realm. Let’s see, oh I remember now! I’ll fly towards space, that always works.” I let myself begin to float up. Everything below gets smaller as I float higher. I look up and see the clouds get closer and closer until I enter them. Stopping in the clouds I suddenly lose my sense of direction. I don’t know which way is up or down. Peering through the clouds I see the lights of a big city above me and realize that I am upside down. I right myself up and begin to float back down as I wonder why I hadn’t entered the desired dimension. I marvel at the sights as I let myself float down to the ground. “Ok, now what? I know, I’ll try to get to Monroes focus 27.” I floated up about ten feet off the ground and started mentally yelling “Focus 27, focus 27.” I began to move rapidly across the landscape and across a lake. A small fear of falling in the lake creeped up on me as I involuntarily lowered towards it. Not getting anywhere I changed my mind and started focusing on my dad. My direction and speed changed. After a minute of flying a great distance I landed on a street in a city. I knew I was nowhere near him. It didn’t look as I even left the state. ” Dammit, I can’t seem to reach any destination, now
what. I wish I had a guide to show me the ropes.” Just then an old man appeared from around a corner. Wondering if this was a coincidence or if this was one of my guides I went towards him. ” Hello sir, are you a guide or uh on of my guides.” The man looked at me and motioned me to follow him. We stood in front of an old burned down house. He said “look” as he pointed towards it. I looked at it as I was wondering if this some sort of test like I’ve heard guides often do but was unable to determine anything. ” Maybe this isn’t a guide, just some nonphysical resident.” Feeling a little disappointed I began to analyze the situation. “I hope I don’t forget this obe , just to make sure I’ll go back to my body.” I focused and gently phased back into my physical body. I looked at the clock, twelve forty-three. Time elapsed was forty two minutes.
* Maybe this old man was showing me where he died (crossed over)?
* So many time-space illusions I have to drop.

8/19/00 Saturday 11:00to 11:15am (Posted 10/9/22)
Wow! What a laborious meditation session! I was trying to do my countdown from fifty to one but was unable to due to a whirlwind of mental activity. The past couple of days have been extremely stressful. During my meditation, I wouldn’t even reach a forty countdown when I would be swept away by other mental activity. After various attempts I could feel my mind become a little more focused, and the haze began to thin out. I need a break, I will resume this later.

8/20/00 Sunday 9:30 to 9:55 am (Posted 10/9/22)
Did countdown from 50 to 1, then concentrated on third eye. Rotating the third eye sphere and then a 50 to 1 again. Felt haze lift considerably. Did not enter the state, but did pass through a strata of internal dialogue which was blocking me.

Wednesday 8/30/00 (Posted 10/9/22)
Sometime last night I found myself walking toward the kitchen. I felt a little weird and could not remember getting out of bed. Out of curiosity I walked back to the room to check if my physical body was still lying in bed. It was!! I can’t remember anything else, apparently I must’ve blacked out.

Thursday 8/31/00 (Posted 10/9/22)
Last night I did a lot of flying and exploring. I’m not sure if I was experiencing this in the dream state or the obe state, nevertheless I was conscious.

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