What I have been up to Metaphysically

At this stage of my existence, in this time and place, I have reached a great sense of calm. No longer am I constantly pushing to have metaphysical experiences. They occur spontaneously and so frequently that if I were to journal every time one happened, I would be writing all day.

Everyday, streaming into my consciousness is a multitude of inputs from various areas of The Greater Reality. These inputs are there at all times. As I tune into any stream of input(s), the others fade into the background as the one I focus on becomes clearer. I spend my days tuning in and out of the inputs.

One of these inputs includes tuning into The Collective Unconscious. A world where thoughts are things. I call it IOM, Internet of Minds. Where the thoughts of all minds, both human and non-human take shape. The Mist in this place is thought responsive and is molded by thoughts and making them visible. It is literally The Dream World.  The same place we experience when dreaming. This place is accessible by all beings in all dimensions (some areas within The Greater Reality). It is also the way that beings communicate telepathically. Telepathy can be accessed via The Theta Brainwaves and does not require leaving your physical body which is achieved via The Delta Brainwaves.

Another input is from The Time Stream. I usually use this stream to see what is heading this way from the future. Sometimes, I will divulge to my daughter Sage what is coming in the next few days and to be on the lookout for the events. Such as what is going to happen in her circle of friends and acquaintances. These premonitions always come to pass. Her abilities are on the rise also by the way.


On The out of The Body Front, something always happens when I lay my physical body down for sleep. I usually travel via The Classic Out of Body Experience. I travel freely through many dimensions. The Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental and into Non Time Space. One of the greatest pleasures I get is when I “Hover” right at The Border between Time-Space and Non-Time-Space. Bubbles of a multitude of sized slosh back and forth. The Quantum Foam. As these bubbles enter Time-Space, they open up. Let me try to explain what I mean by “Open Up”. It is like a circle that is cut in half and one of the sides swiveled out to create a sine wave.  A sine wave represents Time-Space or a cycle. A Cycle is actually a circle. One Reality/Probability. But because there are an infinite amount of Time Lines and Probabilities, There is also an infinite amount of circles each in a different direction but occupying the same space. Hence, creating A Sphere or Bubble.  Instead of String Theory, it should be called Bubble Theory. When these float back into Non-Time-Space they close once again to display a perfect circle. These bubbles are what compose the quantum foam at The Edge of Time-Space. These are my observations from The Edge.

These are just a few of the input streams of which Physical Reality is one. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Premonitions, Clairvoyance and Out of Body Experiences all happen now frequently.

Every day is an adventure.

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