Helping others in an Astral Dimension (Part One)

9-18-2012 Journal Entry
Last night at an unknown time, I was in an upper dimension working as a helper. I was in what appeared to be a complex of a few blocksupperplanes long. There appeared to be thousands of people as I was going around with some others helping people. I was doing this for a few hours. It was very strange, some people needed help with problems such as math equations. Some others needed answers for physical life situations. The way that I helped them was very strange indeed. I would get in front of someone and there would be an exchange of information. Then the person would disappear from sight. Presumably, their vibration having changed and their location in reality being shifted to their new frequency. It appeared that there were people that still had physical bodies and some that have left their physical bodies permanently.

 Somehow I knew when someone was just a sleeper, someone like me who was here during sleep. I would get from one side of the complex to the other catching a ride on magnetic lines of force and on weird wind gusts. It was an awesome feeling looking down at the landscape and structures as I flew overhead. This place was a beehive of activity. Helpers criss crossing large distances as they helped others.

 Obviously after spending many hours in this dimension I am sure I can write pages and pages of all of the experiences down to the smallest of details. But I am just writing down what I think is germane to the experience. As I landed on the sidewalk and began to walk towards my next destination, I was approached by two females who appeared to be between 40 and 60. In a mixture of talking and telepathy they began to ask for help for a dear friend of theirs. They mentioned that the friend was in a wheelchair. This immediately made me remember that I was also out of body the night before and had met a person in a wheelchair. The person I had met previously appeared to be of Native American descent. I began to describe their friend and they confirmed that this was indeed her. I assured them that I would do everything in my power to release her from her personal purgatory. They understood and waved goodbye as I began to fly up in a gust of wind to my next destination. During the hours in this complex helping other people, I seemed to be attracted to the people that required the type of help that I could supply.

 The two people that approached towards the end were no different. Somehow the universe knows who needs help and who can supply this help and apparently matches the helpers the helped accordingly. Funny how while out of the body memory has strange attributes. Remembering things that you previously had not even known you had experience. I remember leaving my body at night and doing my part in helping others out of their own personal thought world’s where they may have felt trapped in. For example, the lady having spent her whole life in a wheelchair had so ingrained in her mind the pattern of existing in just a wheelchair. So now, released from her body and existing in a thought world, she stills finds herself in the wheel chair due to 80 year habit of it while still in the physical. When I leave my body tonight, I will search for this lady and show her that she can fly and be free. To show her that in the thought worlds her only restrictions are her own limiting belief systems.


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