Lower Astrals and the Mental Holodeck

Time between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM
Sunny Day
Temperature about 50 Degrees Fahrenheit


Start Quick Prologue

Last night I was having a discussion with my girlfriend about thought responsive realities. How the Physical world itself is thought responsive but how realities/worlds are less thought responsive the further up The Time/Space Spectrum one travels to. We talked about many things including how Einstein said that Matter is just frozen light. The less frozen the light, the more thought responsive.

We discussed how when entering some of these highly thought responsive realities, your inner mental, world shapes the Matter/Light around you to create what can only be described as a Star Trek Holodeck. In essence you would see an environment that has a mixture of your internal mental landscape externalized and other things that are natively there.

End Quick Prologue


With last nights conversation fresh in mind.  I decided to take a little trip to the Lower Astrals, so I set my alarm clock (App) to ring at 3:00 PM. I laid down (2:30 PM) and began doing a countdown from 50 to 1. When I reached number 20, I was pleasantly surprised with the feeling of being submersed in liquid. It kinda surprised me and the feeling began to fade. I quickly took a deep breath and relaxed further. The feeling of being submersed got stronger. I felt extremely heavy but managed to force myself to sit up and head to the bedroom door. I struggled against the magnetic pull of my body until I got about 4 feet away and then the pull faded away.

I turned around to look at the bed and make sure I was still in it. I was! I thought of telling my Twin brother and all of the sudden he was there with me.  He said, “It looks like you got out of body”. This surprised me because he could see me and talk to me. I quickly looked at the bed again and sure enough, I was laying on it with my eyes closed. I instantly realized that my brother was not actually there and that this was just a thought form I created. With that realization I decided to go up into the Lower Astrals. I floated up out of my house and then down into some sort of Park.

I walked around the park analyzing my surroundings. It was like stepping into my mind. It was just like entering the Star Trek Holodeck. The Matter/Light of the Lower Astrals took on the shape of my internal landscape. I was having fun seeing what was generated by me and what was not. In this park, I saw many people and things that were not my thought forms mixed with some that were. My mental clarity was incredible.

I started playing with the surroundings. There was a little log house and I decided to practice my telekinesis.  I looked at in and it moved a little. I looked at it with more focus and it totally leaned over until it collapsed completely. After this I wondered how long I had been away from my body. It felt like an eternity.

I focused on my Physical Body and I felt myself fade onto my bed. All my physical senses faded in quickly. I got up and looked at the time, 2:59 PM. It was one minute before the alarm would ring. Hard to believe I did all that in less than 30 min. As always the sense of time when I travel up the Time/Space continuum, away from the physical, changes.


Final Thoughts:

* I find it so satisfying to be able to explore first hand the Multidimensional Realities that our Theoretical Physicists theorize about.

* The Out of Body Experience is one of the most powerful experiences that contribute to personal and spiritual growth.

* The Out of Body Experience is a great tool to explore The Greater Reality of which the Physical Reality is just a small part of.




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