The Dangers Of Ouija Boards by Sage Ruiz

1_ouija_board Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about Ouija boards right now: It is not the board itself that poses any danger, but what you are using the board for, which, for most of you, is communication with the dead; the Ouija board allows for spirits and other worldy entities to enter our realm of existence, and sometimes these entities are bad. This is another myth, for the board itself does not attract entities, it is your intentions that will release an evil spirit or poltergeist.



Ouija boards are most commonly used by novice mediums, or  simply people trying to dabble in spirit communication, but this can pose problems for the session, as the absence of an experienced medium or psychic can result in a dangerous air of ignorance as to whom you are speaking with. Mediums and psychics, as you probably knew already, communicate to the deceased through openings in their dimension, or openings between the fabrics of our reality and theirs. When they enter this alternate reality, they have the ability to see the spirits and entities near the opening between these realities, and can therefore close it before anything harmful can pass through.

This is not limited to only Ouija boards, either. For almost every form of spirit communication, a medium or psychic’s presence is needed to make the environment safe, whether it be during a seance, while using a spirit box, and, of course, the Ouija board.



Many users of the Ouija board don’t consider this aspect of the experience, making it much more likely that an evil entity will take advantage of this opening and pass through to our realm of existence, and either stick to the person who was using the board at the time, or just linger.



There is no “real” scientific research on the legitimacy of Ouija boards, for they fall into a scientific category that does not deal with the physical world, called pseudoscience. I won’t delve too deeply into that in this article, but overall pseudoscience observes circumstances in which the laws of science don’t apply.



Ouija boards are also seen as evil by many religious groups, such as Christianity and Juduaism. Although the board can be dangerous, there are plenty of people who will tell you that they are evil because you seek divination from them, or advice from the spirits. Divination is considered a sin, and therefore it is evil; that is not why they pose a threat to your safety though.



In fact, if we do a quick 180, the Ouija board “phenomena” could  be explained through the ideomotor response. The premise behind the ideomotor response is that your consciousouijaboard mind is much more aware than your conscious mind, which means you know more than you think you know, and when you ask the board a question, it’s not the planchette moving, but rather your subconscious mind answering your question for you.



Ideomotor response is a concept in hypnosis and psychology, and is also used to explain automatic writing, dowsing, and facilitated communication. This falls under the concept of hypnosis because when you ask a question, your conscious mind doesn’t trust itself enough in it’s knowledge on the subject to answer, and your subconscious mind allows you to move your hand to spell or write out the answer, without your conscious knowledge of it happening, so you think the planchette is moving of it’s own accord, or in this case, the spirit or entity’s accord.



 When it really boils down to it, there isn’t enough scientific data to back up any one theory behind how a Ouija board works, it just depends on which belief appeals to you, or makes the most sense. For some people, looking at it from a religious point of view makes more sense to them, and to others, relying on scientific research is more appealing and trustworthy.

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