Helping an Alien Escape The Chasers (Part Two)

9-19-2012 Journal Entry

I laid down with the intent of helping the lady that had crossed over and that was in a wheelchair, just like I promised the two females I turmoilmet while out of body the night before. I laid in bed and focused my attention on the lady as I allowed myself to relax and phase out of body. Immediately I was in a dark, reddish grey place. There was nothing I could recognize as physical except for The lady in the wheelchair that I had searched for. Their was a quick interchange of information. I gave her something and she gave me something. As soon as the interchange was done, she disappeared. I also faded out of that place and onto a side walk somewhere in reality. This new place I was in was very physical in nature and appeared to be a city. Appearing next to me a male faded in. I also felt another presence

appear but this was was invisible. The invisible being said for me to trust the man next to me and that he would be helping me. We would both be doing helper work for tonight together as partners. The type of partnership like two police officers. The invisible entity disappeared. The other man and myself only spoke with telepathy or a better description is mind to mind communication. We noticed some sort of commotion heading our way and the man mentally yelled “Run”. He started to run and I didn’t waste a moment running with him. As I looked back I noticed a group of weird looking entities running in our direction. “Great, Chasers!” What ensued was about an hour evading these chasers with my partner for

the night. There was some sort of gravity in this place so unfortunately even though I tried flying, all that I could do was jump really high. We were running through neighborhoods and jumping over houses and obstacles. We finally lost The Chasers after jumping on top of a moving train, running towards the front of it and finally jumping off a few miles away. My partner turned to me and said “Give it to me.” I said “Give you what?” He said “What we have been protecting from The Chasers.” I said “I am not aware of what it is.” He said “What you got from her.” There was an information exchange where something moved from me and went into him. He said “OK, your job here is done, go back to your body for now.” I replied “Ok, Thank you for helping me tonight.” With this I focused on my body and felt myself merge with it.

I got up and went to the bathroom then laid back down next to Roz. I phased out of body but just laid there. In comes my partner into my room and moves towards me. As he stands next to my bed I ask him ” Out of curiosity, what is it that I was carrying” He replied “The lady in the wheelchair you helped earlier was hiding and protecting something within her during her physical life.” He extended his hand and said “This is what she, you and I were protecting.” In his hand was a tiny greenish little

wet skinned alien looking creature. The little alien lifted it’s hand and sprayed itself with a tiny spray bottle. The little creature mentally thanked me. My mind began to race with all of the events that have transpired during the last few hours. In awe I merged back in with my physical body. I woke Roz up and began to tell her all that had transpired. We both talked for hours on this and also some of her own Out of Body Experiences she had just gone through tonight.

This experience left me with a lot of questions and answers concerning our interactions in the non-physical realms. I also understand now what Chasers are usually after. They might not be after aliens all the time, sometimes it might just be information. Apparently information is a very valuable commodity in all of the dimensions. Valuable enough to steal it from other entities. The universe is not just full of friendly beings that for sure.

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