About Me

 I love writing on paranormal topics. Born and raised in Miami, Florida and I am currently living in Washington State. Even As a young child I have always known that there was more to reality than that which we can perceive. At an age between seven and nine, when I was sleeping over at an aunt’s house. I was going through her library of books when I found a book on meditation. It caught my attention and created a curiosity that sent me on a reading spree. I read how there were side benefits when one would practice meditation. Besides getting to know oneself there were psychic powers like telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance and astral projection.I wanted to experience all of these powers and prove to myself that they existed.

 I began to experiment with telepathy and telekinesis. I experimented for years with indeterminate results, nothing conclusive. I increased my meditative efforts. On occasions, I would meditate up to six hours at a time.

 At the age of fifteen, the most important event of my life changed my belief of other worlds and realities into personal experience. I bought a book on astral projection called Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe. His experiences so impressed me that I tried the exercises in his book. On my first try, I had my first completely conscious out of body experience. For over three decades, I have been living the mystic path. I will be revealing to you many secrets and techniques about the mystic arts. I hope you enjoy this paranormal meeting of the minds!