Areas of Travel

There are three main areas of travel while OOB. Physical reality of which we are all aware of. Nonphysical realities within time/space and nonphysical reality outside time/space. First, the physical reality contains people, places, things, and our physical universe as we know it. Second, the nonphysical realities within time space can best be described by the dimensional planes theory. The theory states that there are various levels or dimensions that exist occupying the same space but separated by vibratory frequency.

This might explain why sometimes when OOB I see physical objects as if I have myopic or blurry vision. In comparison the nonphysical objects look crisp and clear. Going with the theory, this would be caused by the fact that the nonphysical body is vibrating at a higher rate of speed than the physical. So in effect, the nonphysical is automatically in a higher dimension looking at a lower dimension which would be viewed with some distortion. Almost like looking at an object at the bottom of a pool, it would appear a bit distorted. This means to view the physical more clearly the vibratory frequency of the nonphysical would need to be lowered. This might also make it possible to be viewed from the physical.

When OOB and in the physical dimension, if you slightly increase your frequency you will continue to see the physical world but now superimposed on it are nonphysical people and objects. As you continue to increase your vibrations, your surroundings will begin to fade out and another will fade in. Each of these environments that you enter will appear much like the regular physical environments. As you go farther up the vibratory spectrum, there will be less physical similarities. You will encounter fewer objects and more nonphysical non time/space environments. Third and completely outside time/space is a nonphysical environment that resembles deep infinite space but without any stars. It is completely dark yet it is filled with a bright nondirectional light. This may seem like a contradiction it being dark yet full of light. Through much contemplation while inside this realm I have come to my own theory about this seeming contradiction. Since there is nothing outside time/space, the light has nothing to bounce off of so all that you see is deep infinite nothing. The light that permeates this realm does not seem to have a source, it just is. Others have suggested that maybe the light source is my consciousness, but still I have failed to find a source, myself or otherwise.

Outside time/space one can view time/space dimensions from an external view. While traveling through this darkness one can find fixed in space what appears to be physical artifacts like populated cities or houses. It is like entry points into different dimensions. One can enter one of these dimensions (physical reality being one of them) and take part of activities within. When one leaves from this dimension, one enters the darkness again but can still see that dimension from an external view. While external to one of these dimensions, the inhabitants cannot perceive you even if your close by. By the same token when you enter one of these dimensions the darkness disappears. What you perceive clearly are the people, places and things within that dimension. An infinite number of dimensions can be reached while either inside or outside time/space. For example, you are in the darkness outside time/space and decide you want to visit a friend who is no longer physical (dead). You focus on your friend and immediately begin to move. The movement increases as you focus harder. Far in the distance you see something, it is a scene. As you get closer the scene gets bigger until you are in it. It
may be a park, a house or whatever surroundings your friend may be at. Then you look for your friend and talk to him until you are ready to leave. Once ready you have three options. You can either go back into the darkness, go down through the dimensions or focus gently on your physical. There are other places that can be visited, these other places are parallel physical universes. Let us start with some early journal entries leading up to the discoveries of these parallel realities:

8/2/98 From 11:00 to 11:30 PM
I sat down in my rocking chair and began the countdown while focusing on the third eye chakra. I repeated the countdown three times. Feeling that I was ready I lay down on the bed. I let myself go. Immediately I entered the hypnagogic. The imagery was of my friend D being close to me. I decided to see if while in the hypnagogic I could telepathically make D feel the numbness of the mind awake/body asleep state. I then rolled to the side and off the bed. I began walking towards and down the stairs. “Wow, consciousness feels exactly as when in the physical. This is awesome!” I went to the living room and began trying to make my mom feel my presence. I faded back to my body. I tried rolling out again and fell into a dream. I was completely conscious and went back down to where my mom was. This time she was able to see me and we spoke about OOBE’s. I faded back to my body and relaxed until the numbness faded. I laid there comparing the difference between the OOBE and the participation in the dream world.

* I went down physically and asked my mom if she felt any weird sensations in the last ten minutes. She said yes, she had felt various mild electrical shocks. * Called D and asked him the same question. He said that about twenty minutes ago he became extremely restless and did not know why.

8/3/98 Between 9:30 to 11:00 PM
Did CDT then laid down for an OOBE. Went into mind awake/body asleep. Wanted to go OOB but entered the dreamworld instead. I felt that I had somehow entered a parallel universe. I knew that I was lying in bed and that I had not exited my body into my known universe. Somehow I had entered a parallel world and a parallel body. I was in a different house and neighborhood than in my base reality. I explored this house inside and out. It had a bigger front and backyard. I began trying to put the pieces together. I apparently had a history there and the memories corresponding with that reality. I explored this familiar dreamworld until my phone rang and brought me back.
* Strange, many times during the mind awake/body asleep state and before going OOB I have entered a dreamworld. At first I thought it was just dreaming associated with the hypnagogic imagery. It is not like the typical dream. It is as I wake up over there from the dream that was here. When there, this reality feels like the dream. When I wake up here, then that one feels like the dream.

* The same low vibrating hum of the body asleep state is constantly in the background throughout my stay there.
* Could it be that the energy felt at the mind awake/body asleep state is actually creating a rip or wormhole in time/space? This wormhole seems to allow consciousness to travel through it.
* Can only consciousness travel through this hole?
* Does the living physical body here act as an anchor when consciousness is there?
* “There” seems to be operating under the same physical laws of “here.”
* There and here seem to be duplicates of each other at the physical level only.
* Is this an anti-matter reality?
* I don’t feel that the actions here are mirrored over there.
* I was there for well over an hour.

8/5/98 1:00 AM
Did CDT then laid down for an OOBE. Entered the mind awake/body asleep state and the dream/parallel world. I there was at work. I remained there exploring his work environment which was different from my own here. I was a nighttime security guard in an electronics warehouse. I went about doing my duties and picking up as much information as possible. I was there for an hour and a half before coming back. The low level humming was in the background throughout my stay there.

Through a series of experiments a theory began to develop. It seems that every physical object and universe has a duplicate or duplicates in other time-space realities. Each of these duplicates exists independently from each other. For example, if a person has a duplicate that dies, he continues his existence without he himself dying. Imagine an infinite number of parallel universes each with an infinite number of connections to each of the counterparts. These nonphysical connections can act like conduits or wormholes into these other realities. Up to now it appears that only nonphysical energy can move through those nonphysical connections. Consciousness being nonphysical can travel through these connections. Consciousness inhabiting a physical body can travel through a connection to momentarily inhabit the physical bodies’ counterpart in another time-space reality. The original body will act as an anchor for the consciousness that is momentarily inhabiting a physical duplicate. In this other body the consciousness will have available to him the memories and experiences stored in that bodies memory banks. This other world or worlds may have one detail different or everything different as compared to the reality of origin. If a consciousness is released from a physical body permanently then its personal specific wormhole is disconnected. When this happens and if the consciousness wants travel to another parallel time-space reality, it may have to look for a universal wormhole or inhabit another physical body. Consciousness can explore this infinite universe we live in or other parallel infinite universes.

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