I have started to keep a journal once again of nonphysical and metaphysical events. I will place all entries from newest to oldest.


The Pyramids and OBE meeting Attempt

Sometime between 7:15 and 8:30 PM
Speaking with DB on Skype, we confirmed to meet at The Pyramid of Giza while out of body. After the Skype meeting, I laid down and began to use my “Letting Go” Technique.  I felt myself disengage from the physical. I tried rolling off the bed to the right but only moved a little bit. I tried a different tactic, I set myself to roll in place. I spun about ten times then threw myself off the bed. I stood up and walked quickly out of the room trying to avoid being pulled back in. I was halfway down the hall when I stopped as I wondered if I was actually out of the body or just fooling myself. I felt so physical, looked at my hands, stomped my feet as a test. Still confused because of feeling very physical. I decided to go back to my bedroom to see if my physical body was still on the bed. Walking in and looking on the bed, I confirmed my physical body was laying there. As I looked at my physical, it began to draw me in. I tried to resist but  was unable to. I was back in. I “Let Go” again and disengaged. I floated up and hovered over my body as I contemplated my next move. I was pulled back in. I got up to check my phone. DB was checking if I was up as planned. I texted back that I was up and that I was going back in. He texted that he was gonna go back to his metaphysical practice also. I laid down and disengaged again. I rolled out and stood up next to my physical body. I began to get super sleepy just standing there OBE. I decided to reengage with the physical and maybe take a quick nap. I am not sure what happened next as I was blissfully asleep. A super sleep.

 I was not expecting to get sleepy once out of the body. It felt unusually good the desire to sleep.
 During the Etheric OBE, my nonphysical body felt exactly like my physical body which caused a bit of confusion.
 I kept thinking about DB and the pyramids.
 While I was hovering, and thought about the pyramids, I got a clear remote viewing type image of the Pyramid. There was a lot of gray surrounding the image.
 Will continue efforts at an OBE meeting with DB.


Localized Vibrations Continuation

As I am driving to work I begin to think about the significance of last nights metaphysical exercises. How I hovered pre floodgate opening and feeling the vibes poised to be released. “What?! This can’t be!” As I focused my attention on The Spot. The vibes surged in strong. Still just there in my head, but strong. “This is crazy, here I am driving and able to function and in a vibrational state!” I maintain the Vibes “ON” as I drive to work, park my car, walk to my building and on the elevator up to my office. I begin to right this down now. As I right this, I check once more to see if I can feel them again. “Yup, there it is. Crazy!”

I am gonna need to experiment with this to see what I may be able to do with these vibes as far as potential abilities.

Localized Vibrations

Start 9PM end 10PM
Sat on my bed with my back up against the wall. Did a quick count down as I relaxed. Placed my attention on The Spot. I went so quickly into Delta that I was not able to catch my head as it slammed backwards into the wall. Ouch! Normally I can catch it or leave my head slumped but I had disengaged too deep and to quick to stop it. Started again but repositioned so as to avoid a thump. Focused attention on The Spot again and began to disengage real slowly. “Hmm, what’s this? The vibes at the spot.” I stopped going deeper to observe a peculiar phenomenon. Typically, as I focus on The Spot, there is a point where it feels like the floodgates open and energy/vibes pours into my body. This time, since I was going in slow motion, I noticed the vibes localized at The Spot before it poured through me. Wondering how long I could maintain the localized vibrational state, I hovered there observing it for what seemed a long time (Over forty minutes). It felt very physical, like there was a slow electric current in that one spot in my head. It was strong and undeniable. As an experiment, I wanted to establish a telepathic link with Darryl and Manuel so that they may draw from this energy source if they desired. I maintained this state of The Vibes and The Link for the remainder of the experiment. I ended the experiment and noted the time. A full hour from beginning to end.

DB (Darryl Berry) and I had a conversation previously about others having experimented with localized/controlled  vibrational states. It appears that I had to hover at that state to control the vibes. Not go further by moving away from my physical body.
Very High Definition experience. Undeniably real.
Not sure if telepathic link was established but future experiments will allow for verifications.



Cementing my Etheric OBE Pathway

8-2-2015 2 Hour Practice

The last two hours , from 5:40 pm to 7:50 pm 8-2-2015, spent the whole time entering the Etheric OBE State . Almost no Theta images, maybe one or two as I was going straight to Delta. As I entered Delta, a rush of numbness and Vibes surged through me. I would remain in the Vibes from a few seconds upto ten minutes at a time. I did not go anywhere as my goal this time was to cement my OBE pathway. I feel this exercise was very successful and I should have very few memory issues.

Remote Viewing and strange OBE
Remote Viewing Between 9 PM and 10 PM.
OBE between 11 PM and 6 AM

After Skyping with Darryl and Eman, I decided for a pre obe warm up. I Sat on my bed with my back up against the wall, turned on some binaural beats and relaxed. I placed my attention on the beats and began my descent. In about four minutes, I entered Theta as I focused on Earths Moon. A scene appeared before me. There were people entering a Military helicopter from an opening behind it. They were walking in when a high ranking military officer stops one of the persons entering by extending his arm against his chest and stopping him. The officer looked the guy from bottom to top in a disgusted and disapproving manner. The guy entering was wearing Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt. It was as if he was mentally telling the guy ‘I am only putting up with you because I have too’. He then let the guy continue boarding the Helicopter. After this, it was like someone poked a beehive with a stick. There was all types of military equipment moving in all directions. There were tanks, helicopters, planes and people. I watched in fascination for about forty minutes before I decided to take a break and write this down.

Shortly thereafter, Darryl texts me that Eman had success getting out of his body. I then decide to go out of body and head for the moon.

I laid down and looked for the sleep signal but could not find it. Switching tactics I decided on “Let Go” and phasing method. As I quickly phased out of the physical, I lost all sensation of a body, physical or otherwise. I decided to roll out but there was no body to roll out of. Taking a moment to ‘SEE’ where I was, it was as if I was in the ‘Void’ but different. This ‘Void’ was full of radiance. I could not see a light source but it was almost blinding how much light I was immersed in. I could not go anywhere, I was stuck in this place. After trying various methods to go to the moon or anywhere for that matter,  I decided to end the experiment for now. To my astonishment, about seven hours had passed. It had only felt like a few minutes. This was a strange OBE.  I had entered a place of No Time and No Place.

1. Why when remote viewing did I get the Military instead of the Moon.
2. When doing the OBE, where the heck was that and why did time behave differently there. I had not lost consciousness at all during the whole experience. As a matter of fact, I felt acutely awake.

As I gather more pieces of the puzzle, I am sure that it will become clearer in retrospect.

My 6:30 AM alarm goes off that alerts me to get ready for work. Feeling the Sleep Signal still strong, I decide to try an OBE. I close my eyes and allow myself to be engulfed by the Sleep Signal. Immediately, I hear laughter. I sit up and see a male in my room. He is looking at me and laughing as if though an extremely funny joke has just been heard. As I look at him I notice that his eyes are a beautiful blue color. He seems extremely familiar to me. At first I thought he looked extremely pale and it looked like there was a spot light on him. As I sit there analyzing the situation, I make the realization that his skin is actually glowing white and is the source of illumination. He has dark hair and I am not exactly sure what skin tone he actually has due to the light which makes him appear as a pale caucasian. “Whoah! Hey, you look like Harry Potter!” I exclaim. His laughter instantly bursts louder as I fade back into my body.

**After Thoughts**
 I wonder what was so funny. As the realization hits me like a slap in the face I think to myself “It all makes sense now. He is one of the Pleadians! He was laughing at the whole Harry Potter reference that Darryl Berry made about the female Pleadian in the Mural experience.” I break out into laughter as I enjoy Pleadian humor.

9 AM to 9:50 AM
 I laid down on my back with the intent of going OBE. I let myself fall backwards into sleep as I “Let Go”. I feel a submersion into Delta and then I open my nonphysical eyes. I am in a room. There are others here. Some that acknowledge me and others that seem to ignore me or not be aware that I am there. I spot a bathroom and decide to head for it to get my bearing in private. Once inside I try to analyze where I am at. I look outside the bathroom window and realize I am at some sort of camping ground or retreat. I see people of all ages. There are pools, walkways between different houses and picnic areas. I decide to go out and explore when I notice that I am completely naked. I grab a towel to wrap around my waist. It seems a bit short and I can not tie it. I hold it in place as I head out. I notice how extremely sharp everything is. It was an extremely High Definition location. The smallest details could be seen in every blade of grass and all other objects. I realized that there are multidimensional people enjoying this place. The ones lower in frequency can not see me or the others like me.  
 As I head to another building, while using the walkway, I pass by a group of people sitting at a table. Two girls that are sitting down, whistle at me. I feel a bit embarrassed as I reposition my towel. I quickly enter another building and close the door behind me. Looking around I see that there is a lady sitting down writing into a notebook. She does not notice me as it appears that I am invisible to her. Another person walks into the room who is also invisible to her but he acknowledges me. He slips out another door. I decide to head back to the physical. I fade into my physical body to ponder this place and record the experience.  
 As I am writing the experience down, a stack of computer paper slide about three inches to the right. This happened directly in front of me. There was no wind that could move this heavy stack of papers. I instantly knew, someone from there followed me here. Now I am the one in a lower frequency with an invisible visitor. Incredible.
**After Thoughts**
 In this multidimensional reality. Wherever you go within it, there will always be those that can not be seen but that are there.  The invisible visitor, once I was in my physical body, drove the point home. The implications for this bit of knowledge are staggering.

Theta Bursts
Darryl Berry asked if we could try a short (ten minute) telepathic contact with some extraterrestrials. Below are the two main theta experiences (The entire attempt lasted less than five minutes).
I sat upright, closed my eyes and began to “Let Go” while holding the intent to communicate with ETs. Immediately the drowsy, sleepy upper edges of Theta appeared. I continued to “Let Go” Until I dipped into Theta. Below are the two dips and what was experienced while submerged.

1. A very wrinkley white woman appeared. As I observed her, I wondered if any more wrinkles could possibly fit on her face. Although outwardly she was exaggeratedly aged, I could feel she had a youthful soul or perspective. This Theta experience lasted about ten seconds.
2. A young girl walked into view then brought her face close to my eyes and looked through them as if they were peepholes. I think she was looking through the windows of my soul into this dimension. This Theta experience lasted about 15 seconds.

Due to time constraints I ended the nonphysical experiment and began to write what I experienced and what it could possibly mean.

**After Thoughts**
As I review the first experience, it appears that I contacted an ancient, female entity with a youthful immortality. I speculate that I viewed her as wrinkly to somehow represent that she had been around for a very long time. The undercurrent of youthful energy may have been representing the vibrant, youthful dichotomy of old and young.

The second experience which felt to be a completely different entity, was very interesting in all that it implied. I am not sure if it was an ET or just a multidimensional being responding to my broadcasted telepathic communication request. I could sense her curiosity as she came “close” to me. She did not stay long. She inspected me, took a look around and through me, then silently left. It was so matter of factly that it made me wonder if telepathic beings usually just go around living vicariously through other beings in different areas of The Greater Reality. Very interesting.

**In Closing**
I feel that telepathic contact was a success but I am not sure if it was ETs, Interdimensional, telepathic beings or all of the above. Further Experimentation and collaboration with DB should yield more answers.


Around eight PM I went to my mom’s room and went into relaxation. I hit the vibes, rolled out and stood up. I looked on the bed to make sure that I was OOB. Seeing my body on the bed, I then went down the stairs and outside. I looked up and saw the moon and decided to fly to it. I began flying up and was looking over the horizon when the scenery suddenly changed. Startled, I began to lose altitude and landed on something. I had entered another dimension. Curious, I began to look around at my surroundings. I was on what appeared to be a huge branch. I was on a huge interlacing structure that resembled tree branches. This structure spanned seemingly endless in both directions horizontally. Furthermore it did not appear to be held up by anything, it was just hanging in what looked like deep space with no stars visible. The moon was still there and I decided to continue flying to it. As I began to lift off the ground someone or something communicated to me that I should land back down on a branch. As I landed back down the branches started moving accompanied by rustling noises. The floor(?) started to move me in the direction of a door. Once through the door the scenery was much different. It appeared to be some sort of interdimensional market place. There were all types of people of different shapes, sizes and colors moving around. I began to explore my surroundings totally fascinated. I was going to enter a double door when a very big security type person blocked my way. He nonverbally asked me what I was looking for. Not knowing the consequences if found to be a temporary visitor, I lied and said I was looking for Jose, have you seen him?. He replied that there was no one here by that name. I thanked him apologetically and left. Something pulled at me hard and a second later I merged back into my physical body. Without moving I could hear what had called me back, it was my mom opening the bedroom door. I was going to exit again but decided that was enough for today. I let the vibrations fade and began to get up. My body was extremely stiff and took about two minutes of stretching to return to normal.

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