I am a Modern Day Mystic

leaves Yesterday I went and saw the movie Doctor Strange with my daughter Sage. It was a very inspiring metaphysical movie. I was impressed with the reality shaping that was displayed in the movie. Although I have entered many thought responsive realities, I have never just enjoyed a grand scale reshaping of reality while in it. Sage and I made a pact to get out of body and practice this. We got home and began trying. I fell asleep but at six in the morning Sage texted that she hadn’t gotten out. I texted ok. I then laid back down and began my attempt. As I began to Let Go, I began to see Visions as I passed through the Theta Brainwave Levels. I then Felt myself in a standing position. I begin to look around and see that I am standing in my bedroom. I see someone else here too. I recognize that this person is also out of body. I sense that it is female. I ask her “You know you are out of body right?” She replied with “No, I would know if I was out of Body.” I said “Oh Yeah.. Explain this”. I waved my hand and transported us upwards into a thought responsive section of the greater reality.

 She begins to freak out a bit as she begins to look around. It is dark, a sound like wind howling, the sound of rustling leaves.On the ground there are hundreds of neon glowing things that look like tiles or playing cards. They look like some sort of cartoon things. Reminded me a little of the ghosts of the pacman video game. I told her watch this.. I waved my arms and and created a column the size of a building composed of these things. It was soo beautiful. After a while of me having a blast creating all sorts of things I realized the girl was still in shock. I said follow me, and an old house appears in the darkness.

 We explore the house for a bit and then she runs outside and jumps on a mattress and starts crying that she needs to wake up now. I say ok and wave my hand and transport us back to our room. She is relieved and then disappears. I phase back into my body and get up and text Sage that I was successful.


** I personally can attest to the Validity of the events that re portrayed in the Movie Dr. Strange. I am also one on the Mystical Path.

** The female that I brought with me turned out to be V. When I started telling her about the experience.. she exclaimed “That was you!”. I asked what do you mean and she said that she had a dream and there was with a guy who she felt was familiar but couldn’t see his face. That she explored an old Victorian House where she felt her grandmother was there.

** Also, I left my house to by some breakfast and apparently, there was a windstorm that blew hundreds of leaves into my yard that were not there the night before. Were these the hundreds of neon glowing things, the leaves but viewed from a higher dimension.

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