Lower Astrals and the Mental Holodeck

Time between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM
Sunny Day
Temperature about 50 Degrees Fahrenheit


Start Quick Prologue

Last night I was having a discussion with my girlfriend about thought responsive realities. How the Physical world itself is thought responsive but how realities/worlds are less thought responsive the further up The Time/Space Spectrum one travels to. We talked about many things including how Einstein said that Matter is just frozen light. The less frozen the light, the more thought responsive.

We discussed how when entering some of these highly thought responsive realities, your inner mental, world shapes the Matter/Light around you to create what can only be described as a Star Trek Holodeck. In essence you would see an environment that has a mixture of your internal mental landscape externalized and other things that are natively there.

End Quick Prologue


With last nights conversation fresh in mind.  I decided to take a little trip to the Lower Astrals, so I set my alarm clock (App) to ring at 3:00 PM. I laid down (2:30 PM) and began doing a countdown from 50 to 1. When I reached number 20, I was pleasantly surprised with the feeling of being submersed in liquid. It kinda surprised me and the feeling began to fade. I quickly took a deep breath and relaxed further. The feeling of being submersed got stronger. I felt extremely heavy but managed to force myself to sit up and head to the bedroom door. I struggled against the magnetic pull of my body until I got about 4 feet away and then the pull faded away.

I turned around to look at the bed and make sure I was still in it. I was! I thought of telling my Twin brother and all of the sudden he was there with me.  He said, “It looks like you got out of body”. This surprised me because he could see me and talk to me. I quickly looked at the bed again and sure enough, I was laying on it with my eyes closed. I instantly realized that my brother was not actually there and that this was just a thought form I created. With that realization I decided to go up into the Lower Astrals. I floated up out of my house and then down into some sort of Park.

I walked around the park analyzing my surroundings. It was like stepping into my mind. It was just like entering the Star Trek Holodeck. The Matter/Light of the Lower Astrals took on the shape of my internal landscape. I was having fun seeing what was generated by me and what was not. In this park, I saw many people and things that were not my thought forms mixed with some that were. My mental clarity was incredible.

I started playing with the surroundings. There was a little log house and I decided to practice my telekinesis.  I looked at in and it moved a little. I looked at it with more focus and it totally leaned over until it collapsed completely. After this I wondered how long I had been away from my body. It felt like an eternity.

I focused on my Physical Body and I felt myself fade onto my bed. All my physical senses faded in quickly. I got up and looked at the time, 2:59 PM. It was one minute before the alarm would ring. Hard to believe I did all that in less than 30 min. As always the sense of time when I travel up the Time/Space continuum, away from the physical, changes.


Final Thoughts:

* I find it so satisfying to be able to explore first hand the Multidimensional Realities that our Theoretical Physicists theorize about.

* The Out of Body Experience is one of the most powerful experiences that contribute to personal and spiritual growth.

* The Out of Body Experience is a great tool to explore The Greater Reality of which the Physical Reality is just a small part of.




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A meeting with my recently passed father.

Yesterday I wondered what my father is up to since his passing a few months ago. I mentally determined to try to visit him next time I was Out of my Body. Last night, after falling asleep, at one point I woke up already disengaged from the physical. As I floated there, the thought of visiting my father flashed through my mind. Instantly I was at some home. The place was a mess with clothing and garbage everywhere. As I explored this place I found a few people living there.

I felt the presence of my father getting closer.  As I looked at a doorway, he came through it. He was accompanied by his wife that passed before him. I tried talking to them but immediately became aware that they could not see me which is weird because we were all disembodied at the same time.  Curious as to what they were up to. I followed them around. They were talking to each other as they walked through this place commenting on how people were not taking care of the properties that they had left behind.

I got the impression that they were going around eavesdropping on their earthly affairs and people. I decided to return to my physical and focused on it. I felt the bed beneath me as I faded in. I wondered how long it would take for my dad and her to shift there focus away from the physical.  It is always curious to see what people do when they shed their physical body. Some move on quickly to other realms and others hang around. I will see you again soon.

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What I have been up to Metaphysically

At this stage of my existence, in this time and place, I have reached a great sense of calm. No longer am I constantly pushing to have metaphysical experiences. They occur spontaneously and so frequently that if I were to journal every time one happened, I would be writing all day.

Everyday, streaming into my consciousness is a multitude of inputs from various areas of The Greater Reality. These inputs are there at all times. As I tune into any stream of input(s), the others fade into the background as the one I focus on becomes clearer. I spend my days tuning in and out of the inputs.

One of these inputs includes tuning into The Collective Unconscious. A world where thoughts are things. I call it IOM, Internet of Minds. Where the thoughts of all minds, both human and non-human take shape. The Mist in this place is thought responsive and is molded by thoughts and making them visible. It is literally The Dream World.  The same place we experience when dreaming. This place is accessible by all beings in all dimensions (some areas within The Greater Reality). It is also the way that beings communicate telepathically. Telepathy can be accessed via The Theta Brainwaves and does not require leaving your physical body which is achieved via The Delta Brainwaves.

Another input is from The Time Stream. I usually use this stream to see what is heading this way from the future. Sometimes, I will divulge to my daughter Sage what is coming in the next few days and to be on the lookout for the events. Such as what is going to happen in her circle of friends and acquaintances. These premonitions always come to pass. Her abilities are on the rise also by the way.


On The out of The Body Front, something always happens when I lay my physical body down for sleep. I usually travel via The Classic Out of Body Experience. I travel freely through many dimensions. The Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental and into Non Time Space. One of the greatest pleasures I get is when I “Hover” right at The Border between Time-Space and Non-Time-Space. Bubbles of a multitude of sized slosh back and forth. The Quantum Foam. As these bubbles enter Time-Space, they open up. Let me try to explain what I mean by “Open Up”. It is like a circle that is cut in half and one of the sides swiveled out to create a sine wave.  A sine wave represents Time-Space or a cycle. A Cycle is actually a circle. One Reality/Probability. But because there are an infinite amount of Time Lines and Probabilities, There is also an infinite amount of circles each in a different direction but occupying the same space. Hence, creating A Sphere or Bubble.  Instead of String Theory, it should be called Bubble Theory. When these float back into Non-Time-Space they close once again to display a perfect circle. These bubbles are what compose the quantum foam at The Edge of Time-Space. These are my observations from The Edge.

These are just a few of the input streams of which Physical Reality is one. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Premonitions, Clairvoyance and Out of Body Experiences all happen now frequently.

Every day is an adventure.

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I am a Modern Day Mystic

leaves Yesterday I went and saw the movie Doctor Strange with my daughter Sage. It was a very inspiring metaphysical movie. I was impressed with the reality shaping that was displayed in the movie. Although I have entered many thought responsive realities, I have never just enjoyed a grand scale reshaping of reality while in it. Sage and I made a pact to get out of body and practice this. We got home and began trying. I fell asleep but at six in the morning Sage texted that she hadn’t gotten out. I texted ok. I then laid back down and began my attempt. As I began to Let Go, I began to see Visions as I passed through the Theta Brainwave Levels. I then Felt myself in a standing position. I begin to look around and see that I am standing in my bedroom. I see someone else here too. I recognize that this person is also out of body. I sense that it is female. I ask her “You know you are out of body right?” She replied with “No, I would know if I was out of Body.” I said “Oh Yeah.. Explain this”. I waved my hand and transported us upwards into a thought responsive section of the greater reality.

 She begins to freak out a bit as she begins to look around. It is dark, a sound like wind howling, the sound of rustling leaves.On the ground there are hundreds of neon glowing things that look like tiles or playing cards. They look like some sort of cartoon things. Reminded me a little of the ghosts of the pacman video game. I told her watch this.. I waved my arms and and created a column the size of a building composed of these things. It was soo beautiful. After a while of me having a blast creating all sorts of things I realized the girl was still in shock. I said follow me, and an old house appears in the darkness.

 We explore the house for a bit and then she runs outside and jumps on a mattress and starts crying that she needs to wake up now. I say ok and wave my hand and transport us back to our room. She is relieved and then disappears. I phase back into my body and get up and text Sage that I was successful.


** I personally can attest to the Validity of the events that re portrayed in the Movie Dr. Strange. I am also one on the Mystical Path.

** The female that I brought with me turned out to be V. When I started telling her about the experience.. she exclaimed “That was you!”. I asked what do you mean and she said that she had a dream and there was with a guy who she felt was familiar but couldn’t see his face. That she explored an old Victorian House where she felt her grandmother was there.

** Also, I left my house to by some breakfast and apparently, there was a windstorm that blew hundreds of leaves into my yard that were not there the night before. Were these the hundreds of neon glowing things, the leaves but viewed from a higher dimension.

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The Dangers Of Ouija Boards by Sage Ruiz

1_ouija_board Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about Ouija boards right now: It is not the board itself that poses any danger, but what you are using the board for, which, for most of you, is communication with the dead; the Ouija board allows for spirits and other worldy entities to enter our realm of existence, and sometimes these entities are bad. This is another myth, for the board itself does not attract entities, it is your intentions that will release an evil spirit or poltergeist.



Ouija boards are most commonly used by novice mediums, or  simply people trying to dabble in spirit communication, but this can pose problems for the session, as the absence of an experienced medium or psychic can result in a dangerous air of ignorance as to whom you are speaking with. Mediums and psychics, as you probably knew already, communicate to the deceased through openings in their dimension, or openings between the fabrics of our reality and theirs. When they enter this alternate reality, they have the ability to see the spirits and entities near the opening between these realities, and can therefore close it before anything harmful can pass through.

This is not limited to only Ouija boards, either. For almost every form of spirit communication, a medium or psychic’s presence is needed to make the environment safe, whether it be during a seance, while using a spirit box, and, of course, the Ouija board.



Many users of the Ouija board don’t consider this aspect of the experience, making it much more likely that an evil entity will take advantage of this opening and pass through to our realm of existence, and either stick to the person who was using the board at the time, or just linger.



There is no “real” scientific research on the legitimacy of Ouija boards, for they fall into a scientific category that does not deal with the physical world, called pseudoscience. I won’t delve too deeply into that in this article, but overall pseudoscience observes circumstances in which the laws of science don’t apply.



Ouija boards are also seen as evil by many religious groups, such as Christianity and Juduaism. Although the board can be dangerous, there are plenty of people who will tell you that they are evil because you seek divination from them, or advice from the spirits. Divination is considered a sin, and therefore it is evil; that is not why they pose a threat to your safety though.



In fact, if we do a quick 180, the Ouija board “phenomena” could  be explained through the ideomotor response. The premise behind the ideomotor response is that your consciousouijaboard mind is much more aware than your conscious mind, which means you know more than you think you know, and when you ask the board a question, it’s not the planchette moving, but rather your subconscious mind answering your question for you.



Ideomotor response is a concept in hypnosis and psychology, and is also used to explain automatic writing, dowsing, and facilitated communication. This falls under the concept of hypnosis because when you ask a question, your conscious mind doesn’t trust itself enough in it’s knowledge on the subject to answer, and your subconscious mind allows you to move your hand to spell or write out the answer, without your conscious knowledge of it happening, so you think the planchette is moving of it’s own accord, or in this case, the spirit or entity’s accord.



 When it really boils down to it, there isn’t enough scientific data to back up any one theory behind how a Ouija board works, it just depends on which belief appeals to you, or makes the most sense. For some people, looking at it from a religious point of view makes more sense to them, and to others, relying on scientific research is more appealing and trustworthy.

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Helping an Alien Escape The Chasers (Part Two)

9-19-2012 Journal Entry

I laid down with the intent of helping the lady that had crossed over and that was in a wheelchair, just like I promised the two females I turmoilmet while out of body the night before. I laid in bed and focused my attention on the lady as I allowed myself to relax and phase out of body. Immediately I was in a dark, reddish grey place. There was nothing I could recognize as physical except for The lady in the wheelchair that I had searched for. Their was a quick interchange of information. I gave her something and she gave me something. As soon as the interchange was done, she disappeared. I also faded out of that place and onto a side walk somewhere in reality. This new place I was in was very physical in nature and appeared to be a city. Appearing next to me a male faded in. I also felt another presence

appear but this was was invisible. The invisible being said for me to trust the man next to me and that he would be helping me. We would both be doing helper work for tonight together as partners. The type of partnership like two police officers. The invisible entity disappeared. The other man and myself only spoke with telepathy or a better description is mind to mind communication. We noticed some sort of commotion heading our way and the man mentally yelled “Run”. He started to run and I didn’t waste a moment running with him. As I looked back I noticed a group of weird looking entities running in our direction. “Great, Chasers!” What ensued was about an hour evading these chasers with my partner for

the night. There was some sort of gravity in this place so unfortunately even though I tried flying, all that I could do was jump really high. We were running through neighborhoods and jumping over houses and obstacles. We finally lost The Chasers after jumping on top of a moving train, running towards the front of it and finally jumping off a few miles away. My partner turned to me and said “Give it to me.” I said “Give you what?” He said “What we have been protecting from The Chasers.” I said “I am not aware of what it is.” He said “What you got from her.” There was an information exchange where something moved from me and went into him. He said “OK, your job here is done, go back to your body for now.” I replied “Ok, Thank you for helping me tonight.” With this I focused on my body and felt myself merge with it.

I got up and went to the bathroom then laid back down next to Roz. I phased out of body but just laid there. In comes my partner into my room and moves towards me. As he stands next to my bed I ask him ” Out of curiosity, what is it that I was carrying” He replied “The lady in the wheelchair you helped earlier was hiding and protecting something within her during her physical life.” He extended his hand and said “This is what she, you and I were protecting.” In his hand was a tiny greenish little

wet skinned alien looking creature. The little alien lifted it’s hand and sprayed itself with a tiny spray bottle. The little creature mentally thanked me. My mind began to race with all of the events that have transpired during the last few hours. In awe I merged back in with my physical body. I woke Roz up and began to tell her all that had transpired. We both talked for hours on this and also some of her own Out of Body Experiences she had just gone through tonight.

This experience left me with a lot of questions and answers concerning our interactions in the non-physical realms. I also understand now what Chasers are usually after. They might not be after aliens all the time, sometimes it might just be information. Apparently information is a very valuable commodity in all of the dimensions. Valuable enough to steal it from other entities. The universe is not just full of friendly beings that for sure.

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Helping others in an Astral Dimension (Part One)

9-18-2012 Journal Entry
Last night at an unknown time, I was in an upper dimension working as a helper. I was in what appeared to be a complex of a few blocksupperplanes long. There appeared to be thousands of people as I was going around with some others helping people. I was doing this for a few hours. It was very strange, some people needed help with problems such as math equations. Some others needed answers for physical life situations. The way that I helped them was very strange indeed. I would get in front of someone and there would be an exchange of information. Then the person would disappear from sight. Presumably, their vibration having changed and their location in reality being shifted to their new frequency. It appeared that there were people that still had physical bodies and some that have left their physical bodies permanently.

 Somehow I knew when someone was just a sleeper, someone like me who was here during sleep. I would get from one side of the complex to the other catching a ride on magnetic lines of force and on weird wind gusts. It was an awesome feeling looking down at the landscape and structures as I flew overhead. This place was a beehive of activity. Helpers criss crossing large distances as they helped others.

 Obviously after spending many hours in this dimension I am sure I can write pages and pages of all of the experiences down to the smallest of details. But I am just writing down what I think is germane to the experience. As I landed on the sidewalk and began to walk towards my next destination, I was approached by two females who appeared to be between 40 and 60. In a mixture of talking and telepathy they began to ask for help for a dear friend of theirs. They mentioned that the friend was in a wheelchair. This immediately made me remember that I was also out of body the night before and had met a person in a wheelchair. The person I had met previously appeared to be of Native American descent. I began to describe their friend and they confirmed that this was indeed her. I assured them that I would do everything in my power to release her from her personal purgatory. They understood and waved goodbye as I began to fly up in a gust of wind to my next destination. During the hours in this complex helping other people, I seemed to be attracted to the people that required the type of help that I could supply.

 The two people that approached towards the end were no different. Somehow the universe knows who needs help and who can supply this help and apparently matches the helpers the helped accordingly. Funny how while out of the body memory has strange attributes. Remembering things that you previously had not even known you had experience. I remember leaving my body at night and doing my part in helping others out of their own personal thought world’s where they may have felt trapped in. For example, the lady having spent her whole life in a wheelchair had so ingrained in her mind the pattern of existing in just a wheelchair. So now, released from her body and existing in a thought world, she stills finds herself in the wheel chair due to 80 year habit of it while still in the physical. When I leave my body tonight, I will search for this lady and show her that she can fly and be free. To show her that in the thought worlds her only restrictions are her own limiting belief systems.


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Intelligence Aptitude Test performed on me by Multidimensional Beings

OBE Lasted Between 12 AM and 7 AM (7 Hours OBE)

An extremely interesting thing happened to me on this latest OBE.
So as I laid down to go Out of Body, I decided to just phase out and do some energy work. Things did not go as planned. The moment I went Out of Phase with my body, I was trapped, sequestered by some interdimensional beings. There were no words or thought languages as we know it. Just a Knowing, a direct Consciousness to Consciousness communication. This must have been a area of The Greater Reality near but not completely in the Non Time Space. I say this because there were no things that were three dimensional. I was surrounded by what can only be described as an audience of pure consciousnesses. In my awareness, they forced a problem and TOLD me to solve it. Yielding to there Authority, I began to solve this puzzle.

roundsquare I can not accurately describe in words what this puzzle was. It was mathematical in nature and required a desired output. I kept rearranging the pieces but my output was apparently wrong because they kept Telling me to TRY AGAIN. Mind you still in this Direct Consciousness to Consciousness communication. Not wanting to continue to participate in this Experiment, I retreated to my physical body. I got up , looked around and was thankful it was over. I closed my eyes and phased out of my physical. The second I did, they trapped me again. TRY AGAIN they said. Not seeing a way out I decided to get this over with. I spent the next few hours arranging and rearranging the puzzle until I finally solved it. As soon as I solved it and they got the result they were looking for, they discarded me to my body. As I laid there in the crystal clear solitude of my thoughts. It dawned on me. I just had an Intelligence Aptitude Test performed on me by Multidimensional Beings. Kinda like when our scientist put a chimpanzee through the round hole and square peg problem solving test.

Who were these visitors?
Are they superior beings researching our capabilities?
Why was I chosen?
There seemed to be no emotion emanating from them at all.
Very very strange

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Shapeshifting with a twist at the end

Sunday 7-14-2013

wolf1  After watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf on the Internet, I decided to lay down and enjoy an Out of Body experience with some shapeshifting included. As I was relaxing into the proper state I felt I was ready and decided to get up and out. I stood in the room feeling very strange.

 I walked outside and decided to shapeshift while OBE into a wolf. I slowly shifted and ended up on all fours. I ran towards and leaped over our fence. I began running through the hop fields that surround my house. I marveled at how I felt so normal in this new body I had shapeshifted into. The feeling of absolute power and freedom were making me drunk with happiness.

 After about an hour of running through the fields, another canine appeared and we ran together for a bit longer. I did not know who this other person/wolf was. The next thing I know I am lying in bed again and it is now morning. “Wow, totally amazing!” I wake up Roz (My girlfriend) and told her about my experience as a wolf. 

 After our morning routine she walks out through the back door and screams for me to come see something. There on our back porch steps were dog/wolf muddy paw prints leading into the house. In amazement of what this meant I followed the paw prints into the house and they lead into our bedroom. As I walked into the bedroom I was sure they would lead to my bed but instead they lead to the chair in front of my computer. That is where the trail of paw prints ended. I then realized what this meant. I thought I had shifted while out of body but had actually shifted while in the body.

 Shifting in the body is not unusual for me but what had shocked me was the fact that I thought I had done it while OBE. With this thought I told Roz I needed to take a walk/run through the fields. I began running through them as I recalled last nights adventure and contemplated who the other wolf must be. I guess I am not the only shape shifter in my neighborhood!

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