Intelligence Aptitude Test performed on me by Multidimensional Beings

OBE Lasted Between 12 AM and 7 AM (7 Hours OBE)

An extremely interesting thing happened to me on this latest OBE.
So as I laid down to go Out of Body, I decided to just phase out and do some energy work. Things did not go as planned. The moment I went Out of Phase with my body, I was trapped, sequestered by some interdimensional beings. There were no words or thought languages as we know it. Just a Knowing, a direct Consciousness to Consciousness communication. This must have been a area of The Greater Reality near but not completely in the Non Time Space. I say this because there were no things that were three dimensional. I was surrounded by what can only be described as an audience of pure consciousnesses. In my awareness, they forced a problem and TOLD me to solve it. Yielding to there Authority, I began to solve this puzzle.

roundsquare I can not accurately describe in words what this puzzle was. It was mathematical in nature and required a desired output. I kept rearranging the pieces but my output was apparently wrong because they kept Telling me to TRY AGAIN. Mind you still in this Direct Consciousness to Consciousness communication. Not wanting to continue to participate in this Experiment, I retreated to my physical body. I got up , looked around and was thankful it was over. I closed my eyes and phased out of my physical. The second I did, they trapped me again. TRY AGAIN they said. Not seeing a way out I decided to get this over with. I spent the next few hours arranging and rearranging the puzzle until I finally solved it. As soon as I solved it and they got the result they were looking for, they discarded me to my body. As I laid there in the crystal clear solitude of my thoughts. It dawned on me. I just had an Intelligence Aptitude Test performed on me by Multidimensional Beings. Kinda like when our scientist put a chimpanzee through the round hole and square peg problem solving test.

Who were these visitors?
Are they superior beings researching our capabilities?
Why was I chosen?
There seemed to be no emotion emanating from them at all.
Very very strange

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