Lower Astrals and the Mental Holodeck

Time between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM
Sunny Day
Temperature about 50 Degrees Fahrenheit


Start Quick Prologue

Last night I was having a discussion with my girlfriend about thought responsive realities. How the Physical world itself is thought responsive but how realities/worlds are less thought responsive the further up The Time/Space Spectrum one travels to. We talked about many things including how Einstein said that Matter is just frozen light. The less frozen the light, the more thought responsive.

We discussed how when entering some of these highly thought responsive realities, your inner mental, world shapes the Matter/Light around you to create what can only be described as a Star Trek Holodeck. In essence you would see an environment that has a mixture of your internal mental landscape externalized and other things that are natively there.

End Quick Prologue


With last nights conversation fresh in mind.  I decided to take a little trip to the Lower Astrals, so I set my alarm clock (App) to ring at 3:00 PM. I laid down (2:30 PM) and began doing a countdown from 50 to 1. When I reached number 20, I was pleasantly surprised with the feeling of being submersed in liquid. It kinda surprised me and the feeling began to fade. I quickly took a deep breath and relaxed further. The feeling of being submersed got stronger. I felt extremely heavy but managed to force myself to sit up and head to the bedroom door. I struggled against the magnetic pull of my body until I got about 4 feet away and then the pull faded away.

I turned around to look at the bed and make sure I was still in it. I was! I thought of telling my Twin brother and all of the sudden he was there with me.  He said, “It looks like you got out of body”. This surprised me because he could see me and talk to me. I quickly looked at the bed again and sure enough, I was laying on it with my eyes closed. I instantly realized that my brother was not actually there and that this was just a thought form I created. With that realization I decided to go up into the Lower Astrals. I floated up out of my house and then down into some sort of Park.

I walked around the park analyzing my surroundings. It was like stepping into my mind. It was just like entering the Star Trek Holodeck. The Matter/Light of the Lower Astrals took on the shape of my internal landscape. I was having fun seeing what was generated by me and what was not. In this park, I saw many people and things that were not my thought forms mixed with some that were. My mental clarity was incredible.

I started playing with the surroundings. There was a little log house and I decided to practice my telekinesis.  I looked at in and it moved a little. I looked at it with more focus and it totally leaned over until it collapsed completely. After this I wondered how long I had been away from my body. It felt like an eternity.

I focused on my Physical Body and I felt myself fade onto my bed. All my physical senses faded in quickly. I got up and looked at the time, 2:59 PM. It was one minute before the alarm would ring. Hard to believe I did all that in less than 30 min. As always the sense of time when I travel up the Time/Space continuum, away from the physical, changes.


Final Thoughts:

* I find it so satisfying to be able to explore first hand the Multidimensional Realities that our Theoretical Physicists theorize about.

* The Out of Body Experience is one of the most powerful experiences that contribute to personal and spiritual growth.

* The Out of Body Experience is a great tool to explore The Greater Reality of which the Physical Reality is just a small part of.




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Mugged While Out of Body

 astralDemon1 On 4-1-2012, around 1 AM I laid down with my girlfriend to go to sleep. I immediately felt a sense of release from my body. I rolled out and stood up. Not having planned to get out of my body I decided just to walk outside and maybe just fly around. I walked through the wall and headed towards the garden.

 As I was walking through the garden, I was knocked down to the ground. I tried to get up but was unable to. Suddenly a man got on top of me as to secure me and he began to rifle through my pockets. I had on some jeans and he checked my front and rear pockets. He didn’t say a word as he did this. I thought “what the hell is going on here. Did this man knock me down? Is he mugging me?” I decided to return to my body because this situation was creeping me out.

 I phased back into my body but found that I was still paralyzed. I thought to myself “No problem, I will just wiggle my fingers as usual. Oh oh, nothings happening.” I began to progressively get more worried as I tried everything I could to break out of the paralysis state to no avail. I began trying to get my girlfriend’s attention as she lay next to me. I tried calling to her but could only manage to get out what I perceived as gurgling sounds. I tried moving my fingers, even minutely, to get her attention. After what seemed like an eternity she began to shake me. The paralysis broke and I was able to tell her what happened. She said that she heard me making whimpering noises and that it took her a while to actually get me to wake up.


* I had been sleep deprived due to working late for the past few days. Was this why

it was so hard to break the catalepsy or did this guy do that to me?

* Why the strange behavior from this disembodied person. Was he a recently

deceased person who was doing what he would normally do before dying?

* Questions and more questions.

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What is an Out of Body Experience

I will define what the Out of Body experience means to me as a long time practitioner. In its most simplest terms, it means ANY state of consciousness where your focus of attention is not through your physical body. By this very definition, you are out of your physical body when your focus of attention is in a dream, etheric, astral, mental or any other body then the physical. So if you are in a dream and you feel like you are consciously there, then you are out of body. Each of these areas that you may travel to are just different areas of The Greater Reality (TGR). None of these realities are any less real than any of the others, they are simply different locations of TGR. I will touch briefly here on some of these locations but will go into deeper details in another post.


Here are two scenarios where it is an out of body experience but too two different locations in TGR. The mental and relaxation pathways will be exactly the same.

 Scenario one in the Dream World: I lay down and begin to relax. I sweep my body mentally for tension spots and focus on “Letting Go” any tensions I find. I then just place my attention in the spot of the third eye region. After some time with my attention on this spot, I begin to get spontaneous fleeting dream images. I keep my attention on The Spot until the dream images become dream sequences that last longer. I then move my attention from The Spot to the dream sequences. At this point the dreams become more vivid and my attention is now completely in the dream state. I do not feel my physical body at all just the perceptions inside the dream world. At this point I do whatever it is I want to do for this journey in my dream body.

Scenario two in the Etheric World: I lay down and begin to relax. I sweep my body mentally for tension spots and focus on “Letting Go” any tensions I find. I then just place my attention in the spot of the third eye region. After some time with my attention on this spot, I begin to get spontaneous fleeting dream images. I keep my attention on The Spot until the dream images become dream sequences that last longer. I continue to keep my attention on The Spot until I feel a numbness spread throughout my body. This numbness is sometimes followed by vibration but not always. I then roll off the bed as if tho I am physically rolling off the bed. I then stand up and look at the bed to confirm that my physical body is still laying there. If my physical is laying there, I then exit through a wall to the outside of my home. At this point I do whatever it is I want to do for this journey in my etheric body.

I will expand on this topic in other posts and in the comments.

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How to become visible while you are nonphysical

This technique is to be practiced once you have exited your physical body. Now, while out of body, begin to hum. That’s right hum just as if you were in the physical using your mouth. Let the hum’s vibration begin to spread through out your nonphysical body. Once you feel it all over, begin to slow down the hum. The hum that is vibrating around your nonphysical body should begin to slow down at the same time. The lower you vibrate, the more visible you will be to others on the physical plane. You can actually fully materialize and interact with the physical world. This same humming method could be used to increase your vibratory frequency. This is also useful for entering higher frequency domains since you will be able to control the frequency of your nonphysical body. I personally have used this method to materialize in front of others. Sometimes I just lower my frequency enough to move physical objects around like a poltergeist. This is definitely a powerful technique which will help advance your nonphysical ability to interact with the physical world. Enjoy!!

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How to Shapeshift

magnet_iron_filings Since the beginning of time magical people of all cultures have guarded their mystical secrets. One of the most jealously guarded secrets is the ability to shape shift. Here, in the paragraphs to follow. I will reveal it! Let’s start with some theory to bring some light as to how physical shapes are created all around us. The best way to explain it is with the experiment using iron filings to reveal invisible magnetic lines of force. The experiment goes this way. You get a bunch of iron filings and place them over a sheet of paper. You pass a magnet under the sheet of paper and the iron filings will immediately move and take on the shape of the invisible magnetic lines of force. If you change or move the invisible lines of magnetic force, you will see the immediate reaction and consequent change of shapes taken by the iron filings.
Now, to bridge this theory to the seemingly magical ability to shape shift. The iron filings work the same as the atoms that compose your physical body or any other physical object. The atoms align to the invisible etheric lines of force that give shape to all things physical. When you leave your physical body via an out-of-body experience and you are walking around in the same environment that your physical body is in, this is your etheric body. To shape shift, once you are out of your body, you must change the shape of your etheric body. Then while maintaining the new shape, re enter your physical body. The atoms of your physical body will instantly realign to the new shape. The change will be instant. The new physical shape will slowly morph back to your old body after a few hours. The new shape can be maintained for as long as the etheric shape that is holding it together is maintained. To change back immediately or to another shape it will be necessary to exit your physical body again, change your etheric body and re enter your physical while maintaining the new shape desired.
werewolves Through out history there have been many types of shape shifters, like werewolves and vampires. Usually these shape shifter types have two etheric bodies. For example: One regular human etheric body and one wolf etheric body. They can switch between etheric bodies which instantly reorganizes the atoms into the new shape. There are many shape shifters hiding amongst the general population. It may be someone you have met on the street or can even be a co-worker. They are every where and you can now be one too. The only difference with a werewolf and your shapeshifting abilities will be that you will not be subject to only one shape. Well, there you have it. The secrets of shape shifting. Enjoy!!

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