Brainwaves and Metaphysics

 There are many tools to determine the states of consciousness a person may be in. One of those tools is an electroencephalogram or EEG for short. It measures brain activity in Hertz or frequencies (cycles per second). There are many frequency ranges but four main ones. These are called Beta, Alpha, Theta and delta.
Here are the four frequency ranges.

 The 4 Building Blocks of Consciousness from highest frequencies or brain activity to the lowest.
Beta Waves: 13-30 Hz
Alpha Waves: 8-13 Hz
Theta: 4-8 Hz
Delta: 0.5 to 4 Hz


 We generally produce all brainwave frequencies at the same time but the dominant frequency determines the Brainwave State. For example: 70 percent Beta, 10 percent Alpha, 10 percent Theta and 10 Delta will put you in a Beta Brainwave State. Research has shown that we are in different states of mind depending on which Brainwave State we are in. Each Brainwave State has its own characteristics that is unique to itself. Beta includes our normal everyday level of consciousness where we are alert and active. Of the four main Brainwave States, this one has the highest level of brain activity. As we reduce our level of brain activity, such as watching TV, relaxing or with our eyes closed, we enter an Alpha Brainwave State. If you relax further, your brain activity is reduced even more. When you begin to experience drowsiness and spontaneous Images or Dreams sequences, you have entered Theta. Reducing Your brain activity even further, you will now enter Delta. Delta or deep sleep, has been described as a mini death, it goes to the very edge of no brain activity (death).  

 Each of these Brain Wave States is a gateway to various experiences. In Beta and Alpha we have access to our normal everyday physical reality and all the abilities therein. Beta and Alpha, belong to what various sciences call consciousness (The Waking Mind). In Theta we have access to other abilities. These include, telepathy, dreams, Out of Body Experiences while entering the dream world or what Carl Jung called The Collective Unconscious, thought world(s), Telekinesis, remote viewing and any other of the psychic abilities. In the Delta Gateway, we have access to such experiences as Out of Body experiences into the Etheric Plane (a frequency range within the Space-Time Continuum) and other Planes of existence. Science calls Theta and Delta, part of the subconscious.

 You can accurately call these Brainwave States a continuum of consciousness, from greater brain activity to lesser brain activity. Just like you can tune into different radio stations (Frequencies) on a radio, you can also tune into different frequencies of The Consciousness Continuum. There are many ways to learn to control your brainwave frequencies. Some include but not limited to: rhythmic beats matching the frequency of the desired brain state, Meditation, Binaural Beat Technologies, breathing techniques, mantra chanting, visualizations and many others.

 The Holy Grail of all Metaphysical Arts is the ability to control your brainwave states at will. I will illustrate with a small story excerpted from my upcoming book.
Begin Excerpt:

 Louis heads an IT (Information Technology) Department and is at work enjoying a work related discussion with some co workers (He is in a Beta Brainwave State). During the conversation he experiences a brief flash of drowsiness (Theta burst). From past experience, he recognizes this as someone trying to reach him telepathically. He excuses himself and heads into his office. He closes the door and sits in his chair. He closes his his eyes, takes a few deep breathes and then begins to relax (He almost immediately enters the Alpha State as his brain activity drops).

 He knows he needs to enter Theta to tune into The Mental Band. This is the main method of communication between beings from all areas of Reality, both physical and nonphysical. This has been called many names through out the ages (The Collective Unconscious, The DreamScape as examples). In this relaxed (Alpha) state he searches for what he calls The Sleep Signal (The sensation of being sleepy or drowsy). He finds it and places his attention on it (Tuning in). Slowly the sleepiness begins to increase and images begin to flash spontaneously. He is entering Theta and continues to leave his attention on The Sleep Signal. As the drowsiness begins to envelop (entering into deeper Theta) him, The flashes become sequences that last longer. His head drops as he is completely enveloped in the Theta brainwave State.

 From here, he hears it clearly, a telepathic cry for help. Someone is in trouble. He “looks” in the direction of the mental cry and instantly is next to a small girl crying. He is now out of his body inside of the thought world (Still in Theta Range). “Who are you?” she asks. “I am a friend. why are you crying?”  he asks. “I was playing in my backyard and fell into the pond. I can’t swim and could not breathe. I know that I am dead because I am here in nothingness. I was told that when you die that you just go into nothingness.” She says. “Actually, you are in a section of reality that responds to your thoughts. This place is created by you and you can exit any time you want.” he says. “How do I do that?” she asks. “Well, right now you are somewhere else with your eyes closed. All you have to do is open them. Try it now.” He tells her. After a few moments of her trying to open her eyes she says “I can’t can you please help me?” He responds “OK, I will disappear for a moment but you will see me again when you wake up”.

 He focuses his attention on his physical body which is slumped in his office chair. He is now back and knows he must enter the Delta brainwave state to help the girl. He “Lets Go” further and now enters Delta. He rolls out of his physical body to enter his Etheric Body. He is now out of body in a different section of The Greater Reality. Standing next to his body, he focuses on the girl and begins to feel pulled in her direction. It almost feels as if he is falling in her direction as opposed to flying. Soon he is next to a pond. He dives in and finds her physical body. Close by, floating with her eyes closed is her Etheric Body. He begins to shake her Etheric Body as you would anyone you are trying to wake up. She opens her eyes slowly and begins to cry in gratitude as she recognizes him. Suddenly he momentarily feels his body in the office chair. He recognizes that it is calling him back for some reason. “Listen, go into your house and stay close to your parents. I will be back soon to check up on you.” He tells her. “Thank you so much. I will wait for you.” She says. He focuses on his physical body and instantly fades back into it. He quickly increases his brain activity into Beta as he stands up. Someone was knocking on his door which is what was causing his physical to alert him.

End of excerpt:

This is a brief illustration of how control over brainwaves is vital for those who are in the Metaphysical arts.

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