My OBE Binaural Beat

  This post is to answer some questions I have received about the OBE Binaural Beat Audio that is located in my Products Page. This audio contains no subliminal. As far as the brainwaves, I start it off in Beta then have it gradually descend into Delta. This decent takes ten minutes and then for forty minutes it’s pure upper Delta. The last ten minutes I have it ascend back to Beta. So the first ten minutes it descends into Delta and the last ten minutes ascends back to Beta which means you will have a forty minute window for your Out of Body Experiences. beats

 Now, one of the greatest tips that I can give you is that you should focus your attention on the wavering sound which is the Phantom beat that you can only “HEAR” when both halves of the brain work in unison. The second you start to hear the phantom beat the brain begins to physically create NEW neural pathways that increase the communication between both halves of the brain and produce Whole Brain Thinking. The more you listen to this audio the more your brain will physically change, giving you the ability for not only Out of Body Experiences, but for all type of Psychic Phenomenon. To get a good handle on what the Phantom Binaural Beat sounds like, just remove one ear plug while listening to the audio and you should just hear one steady tone. When you put the earplug back in you should be able to detect the beat. I hope you enjoy this audio.

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