Are Bigfoots Interdimensional ?


So last night, as I was travelling through various consensus realities or what many call the Belief System Territories. I stopped at one that caught my eye.
The scene looked like it was set in the early 1800’s. There was a house on a clearing surrounded by a dense forest. There were some men that were running into the woods with riffles and knives after hearing some loud strange yells. As they left, I went towards the back of the house due to some other noises coming from there.

 What I saw next astonished me! There was a Bigfoot creature tied to a large post. He had apparently been tortured. There were large gaping knife slices on his stomach which were bleeding. Although I was invisible to the others, this creature saw me and let out a horrifying cry that chilled me to the bone. This was followed by another cry from the forest area. I realized they were communicating which each other.


The man that was there approached the Bigfoot and started to torture him again. he had a sharp knife and was poking the bottom of the creature foot. Somehow the creature got an arm loose and grabbed the man by his head. The creature squeezed and easily splattered the mans head into mush. The creature got loose and started, painfully heading to the forest as another creature came out and helped the first one by putting an arm around him.

Other Bigfoots started to come out and I was spotted by them. They began to run towards me and not wanting to find out if they could somehow hurt me, I ran. I decided to escape by leaving this reality. To my utter amazement, they followed me through the other realities. I decided the only way would be to lower my vibration to the Etheric or our here now reality. Impossibly, they lowered theres and followed. After a couple of interdimensional manuevers, I finally lost them. Making sure that I was not followed. I headed to my Physical body.



1. How were these creatures able to travel interdimensionally.
2. Is this why they are so hard to find.
3. Also during the 1800’s scene I picked up that there had been a long time feud between the Human residents and the Bigfoot residents for a long time.
4. This just opened a whole new can of worms for me.
5. There are many types of non human beings in all the dimensions but this was a scary interaction. I will need to investigate this further.

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