The Chasers

 astral2 There are many times when I have gone out of body in astral voyages and ended up in strange astral towns or locations. In these strange towns I have for some reason been viewed as a threat. I begin to be chased by the residents of these locations. I would have to classify these experiences as nightmarish. It is kinda like regular nightmares except for the fact that you are completely conscious which makes it ten times worse.

 In the beginning of the experience, when you first arrive at these towns, it is easy to escape from any chasers. It is when the fears that they are about to get you begin to grow and mount when it gets bad. The fact that your movements such as flying or passing through objects are linked to your thoughts is what makes it difficult. As your fears grow that you may not be able to escape these chasers, you become your own worst enemy. Soon, as you are trying to fly away you will find that you begin to lose altitude and end up without the ability to fly.

 Needless to say, this compounds the problem. I am not sure if these are actual external entities apart from me or if it is just my own fears coming to life in these thought responsive realities. Just to be clear, When I say thought responsive realities, I mean a reality where the material that floats in this realm is thought responsive and can be molded quit easily by thoughts. If you think of a car, the mist coalesces into a car. Needless to say, this is like walking into your mind. Your belief systems which are composed of thoughts can easily externalize and create a custom reality. You can find angels or demons depending on what is your mental makeup. Talk about having a bad trip.

 This mental world or worlds is a place that many of us end up after death. Like some sort of purgatory where we must deal with who we are at the core. Imagine, each person lost in there own world within a larger world. I remember when I first started entering into other realities beyond the physical, there was a place that I would pass through where people were just asleep on the floor. Some of these sleepers were piled up like piles of clothing. Could these people that were sleeping be awake in another world.

 So many questions that arise with each trip out of the body. It never ceases to amaze me that Every single OBE (out of body experience), no matter how near or far you travel, teaches us something new. These thought worlds give us an opportunity to explore our deepest most inner reaches. The main consolation of going OBE while still physically alive is that you can escape the chasers by ultimately returning to your physical body. This leads to accelerated growth as opposed to being stuck in one of these realities with out being able to return to the safety of your physical body to reflect on the meaning of what has just been experienced. Now is the time. Learn as much as you can about what you are composed of mentally. We are definitely in a school for our souls. Turning around and facing the chasers, facing our fears will ultimately lead to our freedom. Enjoy and go explore reality!

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