Chemtrails By Sage Ruiz

   Not to be confused with “contrails”, chemtrails are just a tiny drop in the conspiracy surrounding them. Contrails, short for condensation trail, are trails of condensation made by a high flying aircraft’s jets, and dissipate relatively quickly, while chemtrails stay in the sky for hours at a time, and the contents is unknown.

Believers of this conspiracy have numerous theories pertaining to the purpose of these trails. A few of these include psychological manipulation, weather modification, and biological or chemical warfare. This theory was actually aggravated by the American government. In 1996, the United States Air Force (USAF) published a report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” about their experimentations with weather modification and manipulation; the conspiracies began to circulate shortly after that.

Of course, the USAF made a public statement claiming that the report was speaking in a fictitious manner, and that the conspiracy was a hoax. Obviously people didn’t believe that, and as more and more chemtrail began appearing, more and more people speculated about whether or not they were the governments attempt at weather manipulation. Or maybe something more sinister.

Some people believe that chemtrails are actually meant to make American citizens sick, or more likely to become sick. The biggest source of income for the United States is the pharmaceutical industry, making this theory one of the easiest to get behind in my opinion, especially when you take into consideration the fact that there has been a 22% increase in prescription medication from the years 2001-2010, with one in five adults taking at least one psychotropic medication as of 2012.

The United States government has also already proven that money means more to them than actually healing their patients. Think of chemotherapy for cancer patients, NRTI’s for people who are HIV/AIDS positive, and the increase of children under the age of 6 being prescribed medication for ADHD and ADD.
Our physical and mental health may not be the only thing they’re targeting though; some believers think that the government is experimenting with mind control, similar to MKUltra in the 70’s.

The link above redirects to the official CIA page concerning project MKUltra.So the idea isn’t farfetched.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out if the government gets busted again or not.

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Flashback of the Past? By Sage Ruiz

July 4th can be a beautiful holiday to celebrate for some, but for those suffering from PTSD, especially war related PTSD, can be painful and miserable.
Now, before I continue, I haven’t ever been in the military, let alone a war, nor do I have PTSD.

So I’m sitting in the back of my mother’s truck with her, watching the fireworks go off all around us. As a howler went off, I remembered that veterans and sufferers of PTSD may not be able to enjoy the show to due their traumas. They could be having flashbacks, or lingering on the verge of breaking down in their own homes.
The thought of this made me sad honestly, and for whatever reason, I think I had a flashback. A war related flashback.

Image result for world war 1
I’m not sure how to transition into this smoothly, so I’m just going to go for it: in my flashback, I was in the person’s head. I know it wasn’t my memory, because I’ve never been anywhere near a war ground, and I was associating names with faces that I’d never seen before, calling out to injured and dying soldiers, some of whom were my friends. Or the friends of whoever’s flashback that was.

It was so real though; bullets were flying past me, I could feel the humidity in the air, hear the screams of people around me, dying. Is my brain playing tricks on me, or did some part of my actually experience that memory?

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Time is an Illusion By Sage Ruiz

Check the time real quick. Now make a note of it, we’ll get back to that later.

Time, like many other things, is a form of measurement, aka distance divided by speed. But time is based off of cycles. A day is 1 full rotation on the Earth’s axis, or 24 hours. A year is 1 full orbit around the sun, or 365 days. Everything in between has been “created”by man. A day is made up of 24 hours, each hour has 60 minutes, each minute has 60 seconds. Smaller unit of time were created to better navigate a quickly evolving society.

Time is relative though. Think of how quickly time flies when you’re having fun as opposed to waiting to clock out of work. Simply changing your perspective can affect the way you experience time. But that’ a topic for another day.

You may come to find that this is a circulatory formula; Let’s try to find how much distance the Earth covers in one day. The Earth travels at 30 kilos/sec, or 67,000 mph. (take note of the “per hour”) Now multiply that by 24 hours. You should have gotten 1,608,000 miles. Notice how each measurement has a subunit of measurement; miles, kilometers, or some other form of distance.
Speed is dependent upon distance and time, while time is dependent upon speed and distance. You can’t have one without the other, because they’re all intertwined.

Spending 5 minutes doing something fun vs something boring is going to feel like different amounts of time have passed, but you’ve traveled the same distance at the same speed in both scenarios. It’s your perspective that makes you feel like time is moving more quickly or slowly, when is reality, it may not be moving at all, but our perception of the world allows u to feel like it it.

What time is it now? Did it feel like it took you this long to read this?

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The Mandela Effect by Sage Ruiz

berentseinI’m sure you remember seeing people argue over whether it was spelt Berenstein or Berenstain, and many people remember specifically one way or the other, but what if I told you that this tiny disagreement could be tied back to a huge conspiracy theory called the Mandela Effect?

I’ll admit, I wasn’t much of a believer at first either. I’ve never been involved too deeply with any conspiracy effects other than just to learn about them. When my dad first told me about the Mandela Effect, I felt the same way about it as any other conspiracy, and to humor him I would watch videos and read articles about it, so that I could stay up to date with him, but then I saw something that really looked wrong; Febreeze, was no longer Febreeze. It read Febreze. Now I know a lot of you might be shaking your head in disbelief, but I checked, double-checked, even triple-checked the Febreeze website for any trace of the name change, or maybe an old bottle that still read Febreeze, I even had my friend send me a a picture of her own Febreeze bottle, but it was right in front of my eyes. It had never been Febreeze apparently, it had always been Febreze.

Now, I could say this led me into a spiral of madness, but it was almost like learning a new thing in school. I didn’t question it any further, I didn’t see it as a fallacy, I simply did more research into it, and the more research I did, the more it makes sense.

My grandfather is Cuban, and when Fidel Castro died, he called me on the phone and cried, because now we could see each other whenever we wanted. But he never died, he’s alive and well, and still governing the country of Cuba. He died in 2009, to the best of my recollection, but everywhere else I’ve looked claims that he is still living. I’ve even read articles about his brother Rafael taking over, but no longer in 2009 but in 2017.

Another one that really got to me, was Muhammed Ali’s death. I may not remember it nearly as vividly as Castro’s, just because that one really hit home for me, but I still remember it being a big deal. Even on my Facebook timeline I was hearing about nothing but Ali’s death. I remember watching videos and documentaries about his life, and this is the same year that Castro died, 2009. But now, no matter where you look, he died June 3rd, 2016. This year. But not even a peep about it. Why did nobody care about his death this time around? Why was it so hushed? I accidentally found out about Ali while I was looking for an article about famous dead celebrities. Granted, I expected to see him on that list, but not so recently.

Before I continue, I should probably explain what the Mandela Effect is. In theory, a physics research organization called CERN (“Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”, or European Council for Nuclear Research) has opened parallel
a portal into another dimension, and somewhere along the way, the 2 different timelines from each dimension got crossed, and that’s why some people remember things one way versus the other. People started noticing things “changing”, right around 1980’s, when Mandela died in prison. As you might have already noticed, Mandela didn’t die in prison. In this timeline. In another timeline, Mandela did die in prison, but when our timelines crossed paths, certain things passed through, including some truths, such as Castro’s and Ali’s deaths happening later than they really did. There are some smaller, less noticeable changes, like “Magic Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?” Don’t remember it that way? You’re not alone, I have yet to see someone who remembers it that way, but that’s what it says in the movie. A friend and I watched her old VHS tape of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and even then it still said “Magic Mirror”.

Or from Star Wars, “No, I am your father”, when even the actor who played Darth Vader himself even remembered it as “Luke, I am your father” Which, from a psychological standpoint, would make more sense, because as a parent trying to reinforce an idea into their child’s head, they would state their name before stating the message they are trying to share. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen people with shirts that say “Luke, I am your father”, or postcards, and even one year my friend had a Star Wars themed cake that said Luke, not No. But, again, that’s just me. There is no wrong way to remember an effect,either. Say you remember it from before the timeline collision, and you now remember a “wrong” thing in this timeline. You aren’t wrong, you just remember it from a previous timeline. Hopefully, if you were intrigued by the idea of colliding timelines, you’ll go on to do more research.

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