How to become visible while you are nonphysical

This technique is to be practiced once you have exited your physical body. Now, while out of body, begin to hum. That’s right hum just as if you were in the physical using your mouth. Let the hum’s vibration begin to spread through out your nonphysical body. Once you feel it all over, begin to slow down the hum. The hum that is vibrating around your nonphysical body should begin to slow down at the same time. The lower you vibrate, the more visible you will be to others on the physical plane. You can actually fully materialize and interact with the physical world. This same humming method could be used to increase your vibratory frequency. This is also useful for entering higher frequency domains since you will be able to control the frequency of your nonphysical body. I personally have used this method to materialize in front of others. Sometimes I just lower my frequency enough to move physical objects around like a poltergeist. This is definitely a powerful technique which will help advance your nonphysical ability to interact with the physical world. Enjoy!!

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