How to Shapeshift

magnet_iron_filings Since the beginning of time magical people of all cultures have guarded their mystical secrets. One of the most jealously guarded secrets is the ability to shape shift. Here, in the paragraphs to follow. I will reveal it! Let’s start with some theory to bring some light as to how physical shapes are created all around us. The best way to explain it is with the experiment using iron filings to reveal invisible magnetic lines of force. The experiment goes this way. You get a bunch of iron filings and place them over a sheet of paper. You pass a magnet under the sheet of paper and the iron filings will immediately move and take on the shape of the invisible magnetic lines of force. If you change or move the invisible lines of magnetic force, you will see the immediate reaction and consequent change of shapes taken by the iron filings.
Now, to bridge this theory to the seemingly magical ability to shape shift. The iron filings work the same as the atoms that compose your physical body or any other physical object. The atoms align to the invisible etheric lines of force that give shape to all things physical. When you leave your physical body via an out-of-body experience and you are walking around in the same environment that your physical body is in, this is your etheric body. To shape shift, once you are out of your body, you must change the shape of your etheric body. Then while maintaining the new shape, re enter your physical body. The atoms of your physical body will instantly realign to the new shape. The change will be instant. The new physical shape will slowly morph back to your old body after a few hours. The new shape can be maintained for as long as the etheric shape that is holding it together is maintained. To change back immediately or to another shape it will be necessary to exit your physical body again, change your etheric body and re enter your physical while maintaining the new shape desired.
werewolves Through out history there have been many types of shape shifters, like werewolves and vampires. Usually these shape shifter types have two etheric bodies. For example: One regular human etheric body and one wolf etheric body. They can switch between etheric bodies which instantly reorganizes the atoms into the new shape. There are many shape shifters hiding amongst the general population. It may be someone you have met on the street or can even be a co-worker. They are every where and you can now be one too. The only difference with a werewolf and your shapeshifting abilities will be that you will not be subject to only one shape. Well, there you have it. The secrets of shape shifting. Enjoy!!

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