The Holographic Theory of The Universe

holographic Science and spiritually seem to meet when we explore The Holographic Theory of The Universe. We seem to be relearning knowledge that was known by the ancients as our science progresses to understand our reality and our place in it. To understand what is meant by this statement, here is some background to clarify the points.

A hologram is created when a laser is passed through a beam splitter. One beam hits an object (an apple for example) and the other beam hits a photographic plate. Now all the information on the apple has been inputted to the photographic plate. All you see on the plate is a bunch of concentric circles. Like throwing rocks into a pond. You get a lot of circles flowing outward. The information is encoded on the plate. The only way to decode the information is to pass a laser beam through the photographic plate. On the other side of the photographic plate will appear the whole apple in full 3D. All the information contained in the photographic plate is nonlocal. This means it is contained in every part of the plate. For example, you can cut the plate in half and pass a laser beam through any of the pieces. On the other side, the 3D apple will magically appear. You can cut the photographic plate into a thousand pieces and the results will be the same. The apple will magically appear again. The information is everywhere and nowhere, it is nonlocal. The only thing that can decode the information is a laser beam. A laser beam is also called coherent light. This means that all the photons are traveling in the same direction. Focused light.

Our Universe is composed of waves of vibrational energy. These waves are like the waves that are created on the photographic plate in the explanation above. Our Universe is a 3D reality we create by decoding bits and pieces of it through our senses. For example, our eyes only pick up a narrow band of frequencies we call the visible light range. How can we see the whole universe. Just like a small piece of the photographic plate with a laser to decode the whole information, what can we use to decode The Holographic Universe?

Meditator Since time immemorial, mystics from every culture have been describing states of enlightenment and methods for reaching it. Whether they call this state Samadhi, Nirvana or any other name. They all describe the same state and the methods to reach them are similar. “Bring your mind to one pointedness.” “Concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of all others.” “When you reach enlightenment: The observer and the observed become one and in that moment. You know everything and know nothing. You are every where and no where.” These descriptions of enlightenment make sense when you realize that your mind has light like properties. Your mind is like the laser and when you reach a state of coherent thought or focused attention, you decode the universe. The piece of the universe that is used to decode the whole is whatever is the thought or object that is being focused on. This means that focused attention is the method to decode the secrets of the universe and Science is only now catching up to what the Ancients already knew.

Meditation is one sure fire way to reach enlightenment. The road to enlightenment comes with many benefits. As your ability to focus your consciousness increases, so will these benefits. The ancients described many of these benefits as Powers. These powers are wide and vary. Some developed powers include super healing, out of body experiences, mind reading, flying and mind over matter. Learning to have a laser like focus will also help us on our day to day activities. The Holographic Theory of the Universe helps explain this ancient knowledge in modern terms. To become enlightened is the goal.

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