Mugged While Out of Body

 astralDemon1 On 4-1-2012, around 1 AM I laid down with my girlfriend to go to sleep. I immediately felt a sense of release from my body. I rolled out and stood up. Not having planned to get out of my body I decided just to walk outside and maybe just fly around. I walked through the wall and headed towards the garden.

 As I was walking through the garden, I was knocked down to the ground. I tried to get up but was unable to. Suddenly a man got on top of me as to secure me and he began to rifle through my pockets. I had on some jeans and he checked my front and rear pockets. He didn’t say a word as he did this. I thought “what the hell is going on here. Did this man knock me down? Is he mugging me?” I decided to return to my body because this situation was creeping me out.

 I phased back into my body but found that I was still paralyzed. I thought to myself “No problem, I will just wiggle my fingers as usual. Oh oh, nothings happening.” I began to progressively get more worried as I tried everything I could to break out of the paralysis state to no avail. I began trying to get my girlfriend’s attention as she lay next to me. I tried calling to her but could only manage to get out what I perceived as gurgling sounds. I tried moving my fingers, even minutely, to get her attention. After what seemed like an eternity she began to shake me. The paralysis broke and I was able to tell her what happened. She said that she heard me making whimpering noises and that it took her a while to actually get me to wake up.


* I had been sleep deprived due to working late for the past few days. Was this why

it was so hard to break the catalepsy or did this guy do that to me?

* Why the strange behavior from this disembodied person. Was he a recently

deceased person who was doing what he would normally do before dying?

* Questions and more questions.

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